South Carolina Becomes 29th State to Allow Carrying Firearms Without a License

South Carolina is now the 29th state to legalize carrying a firearm without a permit, so-called “constitutional carry.”

On Thursday, March 7, 2024, Gov. Henry McMaster signed H 3594 into law.

The new law eliminates the requirement for a concealed weapons permit, sets the minimum age to receive a license to 18, and sets a comprehensive list of “sensitive areas” in which guns are prohibited.

The list includes schools, government buildings, health care facilities, places of worship, law enforcement centers, and any place prohibited by federal law.

It leaves the current permitting process in place for those who wish to get a permit to carry in states that recognize South Carolina’s license. South Carolina’s concealed carry permit law requires eight hours of training. The new law does away with that requirement but strongly encourages citizens to get firearms training…

“We’re excited that South Carolina Finally did the right thing. We’re grateful to see the expansion of Second Amendment rights,” Chris Stone, state and local affairs director for Gun Owners of America, told The Epoch Times.

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