WY: VETO – Repeal of Gun Free Zones Killed by Wyoming Governor

Wyoming Governor Makes Unconstitutional Veto!


Despite passing both the Wyoming House and Senate by very wide margins, the GOA-backed bill to REPEAL GUN FREE ZONES has been vetoed by Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon!

HB0125 represented historic legislation that would have restored Second Amendment Rights to Wyoming citizens and made Wyoming a safer place.

GOA and our members worked very hard to get the Repeal of Gun Free Zones Bill through both chambers of the Wyoming Legislature.

A veto statement released by the Governor about HB0125, said in part that the Repeal, “erodes historic local control norms by giving sole authority to the Legislature to micromanage a Constitutionally protected right.”

This incoherent statement seems to imply that it is somehow “Constitutional” for local authorities to continue to infringe on your Constitutional Rights, and his statement further implies that the Legislature does not have the authority to stop this infringement.

Frankly, it is very hard to respect this nonsensical logic when considered within any context of the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution!

Dangerous public gun free zones remain in place in Wyoming where only criminals and madmen are armed.

Wyoming State FlagPlease click here to contact Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon and let him know that you don’t consider it “Constitutional” for him or anyone else to infringe on your Right to Keep and Bear Arms!

After you send your e-mail through our online system, please also call the Governor’s Office at 307-777-7434 and let him know that it was wrong for him to veto this legislation.

Please let Governor Gordon know you are disgusted with politicians misinterpreting the Constitution and trampling on your Rights!

Please click here to send your message without delay!


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