Week Recap from Gun Owners of America

Here’s what you might’ve missed from GOA this week…

Dear friend,

Even though Congress is out of session, GOA is still busy working to empower you with the tools your need to protect the Second Amendment. 

Here’s three things you might’ve missed from GOA this week:

1. Episode Two of “Firing Back” is now live. The premiere episode of “Firing Back” soared to #55 on iTunes News & Politics, and we know the follow-up episode won’t disappoint. In the new episode, “The Root of It All,” GOA’s Erich Pratt and Remso W. Martinez delve into where the right to self-defense comes from and the consequences for ignoring those foundations.

Listen on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, or on the podcast platform of your choice, as well at gunowners.org

2. GOA’s John Velleco and I hosted a social media live event, where we discussed the importance of concealed carry reciprocity, and why gun owners shouldn’t be treated like second-class citizens. 

If you missed it, you can watch it here, and be sure you’ve connected with GOA on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!

3. We’re excited about our partnership with United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA) to bring you insurance that will protect you in a self-defense case. Here’s how you could win a gun from USCCA: 



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Concealed carry permit holder finds his brother being beaten to death with a baseball bat–and rescues him… 
Hi there,
If you didn’t know, the USCCA is doing something BIG all month long…
Every new USCCA Member who activates their Self-Defense SHIELD protection is entered to win a brand-new gun.
But I can see you’re still on the fence about joining forces with the USCCA, so I thought this concealed carry story may help…
It’s a story about a man named Richard…
Richard is a USCCA member who lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
He and his wife live in a nice neighborhood on the outskirts of town.
Richard was laid off a few months before, but came home on a Thursday evening excited to tell his wife that the interview went great and they offered him a new job, his dream job, on the SPOT!
After weeks of scraping by, they were finally going to be able to count on receiving a steady paycheck again.
So, the weekend started off on a good note…
They invited some family over for a cookout to celebrate their good news.
And this is where the story takes a sharp left turn…
While the burgers were cooking on the grill, Richard’s brother went around to the front of the house to get something out of his car.
After a few minutes, Richard and the other guests noticed that he hadn’t returned. Instead, they heard raised voices coming from the front yard.
Richard went out front to see what was going on.
Apparently, some thug caught his brother off guard, and when he resisted the carjacking attempt, they proceeded to beat him severely in the head with a wooden baseball bat!
Richard clearly could see that if he didn’t act soon, his brother wasn’t going to survive.
He quickly retrieved his firearm he used for carrying concealed and headed out the front door and into the fray…
Despite his shouted commands, the criminal didn’t stop the beating…
However, once Richard drew his firearm, the attacker got wise and bolted.
Well, I wish I could say the police and ambulance arrived shortly thereafter, and his brother survived and Richard was hailed as a hero.
Thank God his brother survived, but even though Richard stopped the robbery and saved his brother’s life without ever firing a shot, HE was the one who was arrested!
Dragged away like a criminal with his bloody brother lying on the ground…and his frightened wife crying in the doorway…
Shortly after arriving at the police station, he was charged and thrown in jail because he couldn’t afford the massive bail bond that the gun-hating judge imposed on him…
Can you imagine how he was feeling?
Well, I’m happy to say that because Richard is a USCCA member, he was able to make a call to his Critical Response Team.
The USCCA Self-Defense SHIELD took all of the burden off of his shoulders…
You see, we paid his bail, connected him with a pro-2A attorney in his area, and kept his wife and family updated the whole time.
Want to know the best part, though?
The USCCA made it all go away so quickly and seamlessly for Richard that he was back home in less than 24 hours and able to start his brand new job Monday morning.
And Richard is just one of many responsibly armed USCCA members that we’ve saved over the years.
Don’t you think it’s a good time to join forces with an organization who’ll fight as hard for you as it did for Richard?
And remember, when you join forces with the USCCA today you’ll also lock in your chance to win a brand-new gun.
Click the link below to secure yours now:
Take care and stay safe,

Tim Schmidt
President | USCCA

P. S. – Remember, the second you activate your USCCA Membership, you’ll be covered by the same powerful protection that not only got the charges against Richard dropped…
…but got him back to his wife and his life in less than 24 hours.
This is about knowing that someone has your back.
When you activate your USCCA Self-Defense SHIELD today, you’ll get 100% peace of mind & your chance to win a brand-new gun…


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Jordan Stein
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