Governor Northam Embraces New Zealand Style Gun Control

Gov. Northam Tries to Conceal His Confiscation Plan

Don’t Let Him Fool You

It’s no secret that Governor “Mammy!” Northam thinks Virginians are stupid.  After all, they elected him.

But anyone who falls for Northam’s most recent anti-gun scheme has earned a degree from Stupid University.

Basically, Northam pretends to believe that you should be allowed to keep your guns.

BUT, if you want to keep your semi-automatics, you will have to submit your name to a gun registry so Northam will know who you are and where you live.


We’ve seen this movie before.  New Zealand set up a registry of semi-automatic gun owners.

And guess what?

The first time a tragedy occurred because the country had been largely disarmed — that semi-automatic registry turned into a semi-automatic gun ban.

And the government had a list of names and addresses of semi-automatic gun owners.

It was like a roadmap of houses they could raid in the middle of the night.  Like in any despotic totalitarian regime.

Well, Governor “Blackface” Northam is already pushing “red flag” Gun Confiscation legislation to authorize middle-of-the-night raids.  And former presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke has made the Democratic agenda clear:  Heck, yes.  They’re going to confiscate your guns.

So no one’s fooled by Governor Liar.  His registration list is nothing but the first step in a very quick “New Zealand two-step.”

Today, it’s a demand that you let the government know what it needs to conduct its raid. Tomorrow, it will be a knock on the door in the middle of the night — which you may or may not survive.

Please contact your state Delegate and Senator (above) and tell them that you’re not fooled by the Governor’s compromises. Tell them that a grandfather clause that demands that you register your guns is a non-starter.

Registration is merely the first step to gun confiscation, which is what the Governor is ultimately after.