VA: Take Action to Trash Virginia’s Universal Background Checks

Encourage AG Jason Miyares to Stop UBCs

Dear friend,

One of the most egregious laws recently passed in the Old Dominion was Universal Background Checks.

In short, this law requires practically every transfer of a firearm to require a background check and paperwork, opening the door to backdoor gun registration.

GOA and the Virginia Citizens Defense League challenged the law, and actually achieved a historic victory, exempting young adults from the law.

Clearly, this law is an infringement, and in a post-Bruen legal world, it will most likely not pass legal muster.

However, gun owners need support from Attorney General Jason Miyares to help dismantle this law. As Attorney General, he has the authority to not enforce this law and support our case going forward.

In fact, attorneys general from both parties in the Commonwealth have a long history of not enforcing unconstitutional laws. If there ever was an unconstitutional law, then Universal Background Checks certainly are it!

So please take action and urge AG Miyares to stand with gun owners.

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America