Support, opposition to gun sanctuary rule

East Buffalo Township Meeting, Robert Inglis The Daily Item

A standing room-only crowd filled the community hall at the East Buffalo Township Municipal Building on Monday as dozens of people expressed support or opposition for a suggested ordinance creating Second Amendment Sanctuary municipalities.

The ordinance rejects the enforcement of certain state or federal gun control laws and would restrict the use of local government resources to abide with the higher-government statutes.

By and large, supporters argued gun control measures restricting ownership for law-abiding citizens directly violates the right to bear arms granted by the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.

“I support the Second Amendment,” was a refrain repeated often by the 100-person crowd’s majority.

“I am a firearm owner and fully support the Second Amendment as well as the reasoning behind the ordinance,” said Anne Sloan, a township resident…

The first Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance (SASO) as drafted by Gun Owners of America was passed last week in Buffalo Township, Union County, according to Val Finnell, Pennsylvania director of the advocacy group. Members of the Buffalo Township board attended Monday’s meeting.

Hundreds more communities nationwide have adopted SASO resolutions, which amounts to a symbolic gesture compared to the binding rules ordinances bring about.

A group of Union County residents including Shawn Waltman and Scott Henninger launched a local push aiming to have SASO adopted across the county…

Henninger, a resident of East Buffalo Township, said gun ownership is “constantly under attack.” He said there’s value in law-abiding citizens legally owning firearms for protection. A former state trooper, Henninger said he’s come to reject the term “first responder” for those in law enforcement.

“I was always beat (to a crime scene) by one or two people. One of those people was the victim,” Henninger said, adding that he was once backed up by an armed citizen and remains thankful for it…

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