Constitutional Carry Moving in Jackson

Permitless Carry Passes the House!

UPDATE:  A Senate committee passed HB 786 on Thursday, March 17, and the bill is now on its way to the full Senate.  Take Action by clicking the red button.

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Constitutional Carry legislation is now in the Mississippi State Senate. 

After an 85-33 vote in the State House of Representatives, there is now language in House Bill 786 specifying that a person who may otherwise legally carry a handgun is not required to obtain or possess a license or permit from the state to carry a concealed handgun.

In other words, if you can carry a concealed firearm you can do it without registering yourself for a government permission slip or paying a permission fee.

The language in HB 786 states that no license shall be required “for a loaded or unloaded pistol or revolver carried upon the person in a sheath, belt holster or shoulder holster ….”  

This new text has been added to language that was enacted last year protecting the right to carry concealed “in a purse, handbag, satchel, other similar bag or briefcase or fully enclosed case.”

This only makes sense.  If you have to ask for permission, pay a tax and register yourself with the government, it’s not a right.

Constitutional Carry fixes that. 

Currently, Americans in Vermont, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Kansas, Maine, Wyoming and most of Montana can carry a concealed firearm without a government license.  Lest anyone fail to notice, these are not exactly high-crime areas as a result of their diligence for the constitutional rights of their citizens.  In fact, these are some of the safest places in America.

HB 786 would add Mississippi to that illustrious list of Constitution-loving states. 

Go here to tell your state senator to support and vote for House Bill 786.