Pro-gun Bills Advance in Tallahassee

Battle for Campus Carry and Open Carry Moves to the State Senate

ACTION: Send a letter to your state senator supporting SB 68 (Campus Carry) and SB 300 (Open Carry).

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Take action NOW to defend your gun rights!

Two major pro-gun bills have passed in the Florida State House (HB 163 and HB 4001) and have arrived in the Florida State Senate. 

There are companion bills in the Senate, but they are facing intense opposition:

* SB 68 would allow those with concealed carry permits to carry on college campuses.

* SB 300 would allow the state’s 1.4 million concealed carry permit holders to openly carry a firearm.

They were supported in the House, but could be derailed in the Senate by two gun grabbers in leadership, Senator Miguel Diaz del la Portilla and Senate President Andy Gardiner.

Go here right now to send a letter to your state senator demanding they defend your rights and support SB 68 and SB 300.

And make sure to send a letter to Senator Diaz del la Portilla and Senate President Gardiner, demanding they stop blocking pro-gun bills and support SB 68 and SB 300. (See the contact information below.)

Passage of open carry and campus carry won’t just make Florida safer, they are major victories in restoring lost rights.

Take action now and send your letters right now.

ACTION: Go here right now to send a letter to your state senator in favor of SB 68 and SB 300.

And then, make sure you email the two Senate leaders who are blocking these pro-gun bills.  Demand that they support SB 68 and SB 300. 

By clicking on each of the names here — Senator Diaz del la Portilla and Senate President Gardiner — you can begin an email to each of these senators.  

Then, you can use the pre-written text below to cut-and-paste your letter to them.

—– Letters to Diaz del la Portilla and Gardiner —–

Dear Senator:

As a Floridian and member of Gun Owners of America, I urge you to drop your efforts to kill SB 68 (campus carry) and SB 300(open carry) and support these important reforms.

Both of the companion bills were passed by majorities in the House.

These bills will not only restore our rights, they will make Florida safer.

Our rights are not up for negotiation. I, and other GOA members, will be watching what you do and will report it statewide.