ACTION NEEDED: Massive gun control package coming in Springfield

Urge your state lawmakers to Oppose Gun Control!

Urge your state lawmakers to reject the gun control package!

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Illinois Legislature to Consider Massive Gun/Speech Bans!

Dear Friend:

Illinois has now passed virtually every form of gun control imaginable.

Not surprisingly, Chicago is still a very dangerous city.

So, like a dog returning to its own vomit, Springfield legislators are falling over themselves to find something so fascist — so repressive — that they haven’t enacted yet.

These are some of their bills:

Senate Bill 107: The Mass Confiscation Act of 2019

This bill would outlaw virtually all of the most popular semi-automatic rifles in America, retroactively, 300 days after enactment. It would also ban semi-automatic handguns, many shotguns, and components. The only major exception is if you register your gun with the state — and never transfer it to anyone within the state of Illinois. Our experience with states which register semi-automatics is that they soon after ban the guns — and that the registry provides the state with a handy tool for confiscating them.

House Bill 888: The Social Media Gun Ban

This bill would require the state police to conduct a search of all your social media accounts prior to issuing a FOID Card — or as a condition of letting you keep it.

House Bill 892: The Arbitrary Gun Component Ban

This bill would arbitrarily ban every gun component not made of metal (or otherwise “undetectable” by current technology) — without clearly laying out what a “major” component is. Certainly, many commonly owned firearms would be newly banned.

House Bill 899: “The Jim Crow Bill”

This bill would revoke the FOID Card of any owner who suffers three gun loses in a 2-year period. Who’s most likely to be victimized by this bill? Certainly, large FFL’s, but also minorities living in crime-ridden communities.

So please urge both your state lawmakers to oppose the anti-gun Left’s new radical gun control agenda.

No matter your lawmaker’s views on guns, they need to hear from you. They need to know that gun owners will not quietly accept these infringements on the Second Amendment!

In liberty,

Michael Hammond
Legislative Counsel

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