NY Billionaire Wants to Buy out the Second Amendment in WA State — I-594 would result in 1 out of 16 gun buyers being illegitimately denied

Former Mayor Michael “Big Gulp” Bloomberg is trying to buy another state — and this time the state is Washington.  

The Bloomberg-backed proposal is I-594.  This initiative will be voted on in the November election, and it’s 18 pages long.  Eighteen pages!

So the only thing most Washingtonians will know about it is the lies Bloomberg is paying to spew over the airwaves.

Gun background checks:  A repeated record of failurealt

Bloomberg claims that universal background checks — and the inevitable universal gun registries — will make Americans safer.

But Jared Loughner (who shot Gabrielle Giffords) passed a background check. James Holmes (the Aurora shooter) passed a background check.  Ditto, Elliot Rodger in Santa Barbara and Naveed Afzal Haq in Seattle.  Adam Lanza in Newtown stole his guns from his mom, who passed lots of background checks. 

This, incidentally, even though the Brady Law was sold in the early 90’s as “the gun control which would stop crime and end the call for more gun control.”

The reality is that background checks are more of a burden to law-abiding citizens, than to criminals.  Consider that more than 175,000 military veterans have been denied firearms because of PTSD-related symptoms.

And researcher John Lott has reported that roughly 95% of gun buyers who are initially denied by the FBI are actually “false positives.”  It’s no wonder then that, as reported by the Department of Justice in 2012, the DOJ only prosecuted 44 criminals for illegally attempting to purchase a firearm — and only 13 were convicted!

Background checks have utterly failed to take criminals off the street, which is the ONLY way to keep guns out of their hands.

But then again, the name of the game isn’t safety. It’s exploiting the victims of horrible tragedies in order to score political gain.

Detroit and Baltimore have background checks, gun bans and gun registries — and yet both cities have murder rates that are amongst the highest in the nation.

But, if Bloomberg’s aim is not public safety, it’s making gun ownership such a trap-laden labyrinth that people throw up their hands and give up their guns. 

After all, if Bloomberg has his way, one in sixteen law-abiding Washingtonians will be illegitimately banned from owning guns — for no justifiable reason.

I-594 will create an illegitimate gun ban for 1 in 16 gun buyers

The dirty little secret of the Brady system is that 6.2% of law-abiding gun purchasers — or one out of sixteen — are illegally prevented from buying firearms.

This is, in large part, because the Brady InstantCheck system seldom indicates that a purchaser is a “prohibited person.” But it frequently provides a non-committal “yellow light” which never changes to green or red — normally because the person’s name is similar to someone else’s.

Most gun dealers will not sell a gun subject to a “yellow light,” even if the law allows them to after three, ten, or sixty days.

And, while the FBI is legally required to correct these errors, more often than not, it simply tells the aggrieved party to “sue us” if unhappy with the erroneously imposed gun ban. Most people just give up — or they simply buy a gun from a private individual.

But under Bloomberg’s initiative, private citizens buying from other private citizens will now have a one out of sixteen chance of being subject to an erroneous lifetime gun ban. 

What if one out of sixteen lawful voters was illegally turned away from the polls?  What if one out of sixteen innocent men was illegally sent to prison?  What if one out of sixteen newspapers was shut down?  None of these would be acceptable to anti-gun zealots who, with relish, deny the right of legitimate gun purchasers to exercise their Second Amendment rights one out of every sixteen times.

GET THE REST OF THE STORY.  These problems with I-594 are just the tip of the iceberg. You can read GOA’s entire Fact Sheet on I-594 — and get all of the sources and footnotes — at http://gunowners.org/fact9252014.htm

ACTION: Send this alert to everyone you know. Ask them to re-send it to everyone they know. Let every gun owner in Washington State — or friend of a gun owner — know that the Bloomberg initiative (I-594) must be defeated!