Two Great Bills to Repeal Gun Control in Indiana

Permitless Carry and Nullification of Obama Gun Control Introduced in Indianapolis

ACTION:   Contact your state representative and encourage him or her to support legislation to establish Constitutional Carry and to nullify federal gun control in Indiana!

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There are two great bills in the state legislature that will tremendously safeguard your Second Amendment rights.

1. Constitutional Carry Throughout the Hoosier State 

State Rep. Jim Lucas (R–69) has filed Constitutional Carry for Indiana, in the form of House Bill 1056.

HB 1056 repeals anti-gun laws by specifying that a person who may otherwise legally carry a handgun is not required to obtain or possess a license or permit from the state to carry a handgun in Indiana or carry a firearm in their car. 

If passed, you would not need a government permission slip and admission fee to exercise a right that the government is not allowed to “infringe.”

“It doesn’t make sense to me to make a lawful person jump through hoops and have to pay the state money so they can exercise their constitutionally protected right,” Rep. Lucas tells The Indianapolis Star.

The bill also “allows a resident of Indiana who wishes to carry a firearm in another state under a reciprocity agreement entered into by Indiana and the other state to obtain an Indiana firearms reciprocity license from the superintendent of the state police department.”

2. Nullification of Federal Gun Control

As you know, Obama is circumventing Congress — essentially declaring himself Fuhrer — and has issued an illegal diktat to effectively ban most private transfers of firearms. 

In particular, his lawless “executive” actions are aimed at coercing private sellers of firearms to require Brady Checks on their purchasers.  Of course, the Brady Law itself — by its clear language — deals only with transfers by a federal firearms licensee. 

Rep. Chris Judy (R-83) has introduced HB 1293 to prohibit Indiana officials from assisting Obama’s efforts to enforce gun control in the state.  

Judy’s legislation comes at a good time, given that Obama just issued several lawless decrees and regulations last week. 

Under the Supreme Court’s Printz case, Indiana is fully within its rights in refusing to be conscripted to the service of Obama’s regulatory scheme.  And, under the Constitution, it can do no less. 

Contact your state representative and encourage him or her to support both of these bills — establishing Constitutional Carry (HB 1056) and nullifying federal gun control (HB 1293) in Indiana!

Please take action right away!