Man Enters Home, Homeowner Shoots, Police Take Intruder Away

Man Enters Home, Homeowner Shoots, Police Take Intruder Away

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA — Imagine waking up abruptly to see a man standing over you. That’s what one homeowner had to deal with. Thankfully, he had a gun.

The Las Vegas Review Journal wrote up a brief article about the encounter. According to police, the man woke up and saw a stranger standing over his bed. He retrieved his gun and shot the man. The intruder attempted to flee but police arrived in time to arrest him in the backyard. He was treated for non-life-threatening gunshot wounds.

It’s a scary reminder that we can’t anticipate when bad guys will strike. It could be in our homes and in our very beds. That’s why we always recommend to keep a loaded home defense gun at the ready.

The most dangerous aspect of this scenario is the bad guy slipped past the most basic elements of this man’s home defenses: his locked doors and windows. It’s unknown how the intruder managed to enter the home without causing any sort of noise or alarm — or maybe the homeowner is just a deep sleeper.

In either case, the homeowner was able to successfully hit the man and send him running. He quickly called police and police arrived on the scene in short time.

The police call was reported to be at 5:35 a.m. That’s pretty early by most folks’ standards and it’s also when a lot of us are just beginning to think about hitting the snooze button.

Bad guys can strike at any time. This isn’t meant to instill fear in the mind of the gun owner so much as it will hopefully prompt him to make good preparation decisions to enable him to react should the need arise.

Home security is important but locking doors and windows is equally so. The ruckus created from breaking down a door or crashing in a window can be the seconds we need to mount a defense. Of course, a loaded gun at the ready doesn’t hurt either.

Be prepared so you can sleep soundly at night.

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