SC: Voice Your Support for Constitutional Carry

Your State Representative Needs to Hear from You

Dear friend,

Recently, GOA alerted you that Constitutional Carry was introduced into South Carolina’s State Senate. Now, we move our attention to the State House.

Sadly, gun owners must wade through South Carolina’s nearly three-month long process to carry a firearm. Constitutional Carry is the simple principle that if one can own a gun, he or she can carry that gun as a matter of right, without government permission.

State Representative Bobby Cox introduced H 3594 in the House of Representatives. While not a perfect bill, the passage of this legislation would take great leaps in restoring one’s right of self-defense.

So please take action and urge your state representative to support, cosponsor, and vote for Constitutional Carry.

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America