SC: Will Constitutional Carry be Hijacked?

Constitutional Carry Debate Continues Tomorrow

Dear friend,

I’ll be frank.

Clean Constitutional Carry is hanging on by a thread.

As the South Carolina Senate reconvenes tomorrow, they will continue to debate threatening, anti-gun amendments to your Constitutional Carry legislation.

In addition to “red flag” gun grabs and gun-free zones for Constitutional Carriers, powerful Senate Republicans introduced amendments to add people to South Carolina’s gun ban list, to be “more restrictive [than the federal government].”

If gun owners back off now, this legislation could turn into a huge, omnibus gun control bill.

Your Senator needs to hear a clear message: reject all anti-gun amendments and pass a clean, Constitutional Carry bill now!

So please speak up immediately, before the Senate reconvenes tomorrow.

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America