SC: Clean Constitutional Carry Hangs in the Balance

The Senate Must Reject Anti-Gun Amendments

Dear friend,

Yesterday, the South Carolina Senate adjourned after hours of debating amendments to your Constitutional Carry legislation.

Many proposed amendments were anti-gun; if adopted, they would be a major setback to your rights.

Consider, a “red flag” gun grab which was discussed. Gun owners know that this form of gun confiscation tramples on practically every constitutional protection in the Bill of Rights.

Other amendments would have prohibited Constitutional Carriers from carrying in certain places, and in practice, effectively defeating the entire purpose of Constitutional Carry.

As the Senate reconvenes next Tuesday, reports indicate that powerful Senate Republicans will be working overtime this weekend to draft up more anti-gun amendments to Constitutional Carry.

South Carolinians have waited long enough to have their right to carry a firearm free of government oppression restored. The Senate should reject all anti-gun amendments and put a clean Constitutional Carry bill on Gov. McMaster’s desk as soon as possible.

Your actions over the weekend will be critical to how your Senator votes on these amendments. Please speak up right away to support clean Constitutional Carry!

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America