Sacha’s Attack on America’s Gun Owners

In the aftermath of the tragic Parkland shooting, Gun Owners of America (GOA) was flooded with interview requests, including national and international outlets. Among these, was a supposed Israeli request from “First Freedom Television” for a documentary titled “THE COMMON DEFENSE.” By all accounts and from every interaction, this appeared legitimate and professional — there was no indication at all that this interview would be with Sacha Baron Cohen. Larry Pratt, who has faithfully served the pro-Second Amendment community for several decades — and who had served in recent years in an emeritus status — was scheduled for the interview.

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Sadly, and unknown to Pratt, this was an ambush interview by Cohen, who also conned former and sitting members of Congress. One of the victims, former Rep. Joe Walsh, spoke with CNN and pointed out how good Cohen is at making you say things that you don’t believe. See the eye-opening interview here: 

Gun Owners of America remains steadfast in support of repealing gun-free school zones, and we agree with the 81% of police officers who support arming teachers and school staff. But while Pratt and others were punk’d by Cohen, GOA does not advocate the views that were expressed on the show, and they are not reflective of the views of GOA, its board of directors, or the membership of this organization.