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Tell Your State Senator to Oppose Red Flag Laws

Please click on the Take Action button to contact your State Senator. Tell them to oppose Red Flag laws which order the confiscation of firearms without proper due process protections.

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Turn Out to Hearing to Show 2A Support

Dear Friend:

The Texas Legislature is considering “Red Flag” proposals that could significantly threaten your freedom to possess firearms — and they’re moving fast.

The Senate will hold a hearing on Tuesday, July 24, to receive invited and public testimony on these Gun Confiscation Orders. GOA will be there on your behalf — but we need you to speak up also.

Gun Confiscation Orders (aka, Red Flag laws) and what they mean for you

Let me give you a few facts about these Gun Confiscation Order proposals.

  • “Red Flag” laws allow certain people — relatives, law enforcement, etc. — to report on gun owners with a personal opinion that they’re “dangerous” and shouldn’t own firearms.
  • “Red Flag” laws enable the confiscation of firearms from a law-abiding gun owner without probable cause of a crime having been committed.
  • “Red Flag” laws result in court-ordered removal of firearms, merely if a person is deemed to be a “risk” of a threat — with no crime having been committed.

By definition, Gun Confiscation Orders disregard due process.

Our justice system is supposed to prosecute and punish people who have broken an actual law, not those who are thought to be likely to commit a crime in the future. Stripping citizens of Constitutional rights based on what someone thinks they might do is dangerous to liberty and to our founding principles of due process.

Red flag laws hold high potential for abuse. A vengeful relative who dislikes guns could report someone’s gun ownership with a personal opinion that they are unfit to own guns. A peaceful citizen with odd, harmless habits could be reported as “dangerous” and be investigated and threatened with confiscation of firearms.

The possibilities are endless and alarming.

URGENT!!! I need you to contact your State Senator today and let them know you OPPOSE Gun Confiscation Order laws in Texas. CLICK HERE to send a personalized message to your state senator.

Since we’re in between legislative sessions, the State Legislature is holding “interim” hearings to prepare for the next session. This gives us a small window RIGHT NOW to contact our legislators and let them know we STRONGLY OPPOSE red flag laws.

Instead of trying to take away as many guns as possible, our legislators should be working to end gun-free zones for law-abiding Texans. That is the least expensive and most effective way to harden schools and give responsible adults a fighting chance at protecting themselves and their students.

Join me at the hearing

I’ll be testifying on behalf of GOA and all of our members at the hearing in Austin on July 24. Please join me if you can. All of our voices together make a difference — your presence can greatly amplify our message.

The committee will hear both invited testimony and public testimony (2-minute time limit). You may choose to testify yourself or simply observe the hearing.

Senate Hearing – Select Committee on Violence in Schools and School Security
Tuesday, July 24, 2018 | 9:00am
Texas Capitol | 1100 Congress Ave, Austin | Room E1.036

CLICK HERE for detailed information on attending the hearing, including how to join a pre-hearing conference call I’ll be leading next Wednesday July 18.

Don’t forget

The other side has been showing up in full force to try to gut our Second Amendment rights. We’re in a tough battle — but I believe with all my heart that our right to keep and bear arms is precious and worth fighting for. I hope you agree. Don’t forget to join me in the fight by contacting your State Senator today.

For Texas,

Rachel Malone
Texas Director