NY Cop Slaps, Threatens Legal Gun Owner for Refusing Vehicle Search

The police officer bully in this video is Saratoga County (NY) Deputy Shawn Glans. Deputy Glans had no idea he was being recorded when he slapped a man in order to intimidate him into conceding to a warrantless search of his car.

Why did he assault the driver, identified as Colin Fitch? Because he saw a .22 caliber rifle in the back seat of his car.

No reason was given to suspect that the rifle, purchased by Fitch earlier in the day, was illegally owned or in violation of any of the multitude infringements on the Second Amendment by New York. That wasn’t going to Stop Deputy Glans from harassing a gun owner and joking about it. He said Fitch and his friend were wearing dark clothes and “acting suspiciously” in a feeble attempt to justify his actions.