CNN Analyst: European Countries Pretend Gun Control Works, But ‘It Just Doesn’t’

During CNN’s November 13 coverage–just hours after the heinous terror attacks on Paris had taken place–CNN law enforcement analyst Tom Fuentes said European countries have long pretended that gun control can keep them safe, but it cannot.

In fact, Fuentes alluded to how the gun control culture offers a large number of “soft targets” to “gangsters and terrorists” who have no problem getting the guns that law-abiding citizens are forbidden to own.

Fuentes said, “Many of the European countries have been in denial that their strict gun control laws are going to keep guns out of the hands of bad guys, and it just doesn’t.” He added, “Gangsters and terrorists have no problem getting automatic weapons, grenades, and all kinds of other equipment to use in these attacks. And we’re seeing a lot of that more and more, where a lot of people didn’t believe that before.”

Breitbart News (BNN) previously reported that the gunmen who killed 12 with automatic weapons at Charlie Hebdo headquarters were clearly able to acquire the guns they needed, France’s highly restrictive gun controls notwithstanding. Moreover, BNN reported that Denmark’s restrictive gun controls were powerless against a determined, armed attacker on Febuary 14.

But on November 13, the largest of the three attacks took place. It included organized attacks at six different locations in Paris, and the death toll is at least 150 with another 200 wounded. As with the Charlie Hebdo attack and the attack in Copenhagen, gun controls and even gun bans proved powerless to stop determined aggressors.

Fuentes made clear that criminals and terrorists have always been able to acquire the guns they need and always will. Therefore, a scenario where only the bad guys are armed leads him to observe that it is not surprising that over 100 people were killed, “as terrible as a 120 [or more is].” He believes that if the November 13 attack had been more “sophisticated” and carried out by “well-trained” men against “soft targets,” the death toll “would have been 1,000.”