After His Cruz LIE Was Exposed, Debunked, And Condemned By Coburn, Trump REPEATED It On Stage

Tonight Donald Trump had a rally in Beaufort, SC, and while on stage, he repeated his campaign’s earlier fabrication where they attributed a quote to Senator Tom Coburn that he never said.

The fake quote was identified and debunked by Jake Tapper, it was written about at multiple sites including here, and the offending Tweets were deleted; surely an admission of guilt. Even so, some two or more hours later, Donald Trump went ahead and repeated it and pretended that it was true in his ongoing effort to dishonestly smear Ted Cruz as, get this, dishonest.

This video is courtesy of Soopermexican at The Right Scoop.

Notice how CNN first puts it up there as fact and the guest has to correct. This, after it was CNN’s own Jake Tapper who debunked the lie in the first place!

And there are simply no words for unhinged Trump shill Jeffrey Lord, who raves like a lunatic per his usual television performances trying to claim that the lie is not a lie because, after all, people don’t like Ted Cruz. They rely on the adage “if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.” Which is why the truth of this post and this video should be repeated from here to there and everywhere else. The only way to combat an onslaught of lies is with an onslaught of truth.

It’s truly despicable. There is no place for honesty in the Trump campaign. Just like there wouldn’t be in a Trump presidency.

Shameful. Shameless. Ridiculous. Liar. TRUMP 2016.

Put it on a bumper sticker.

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