How the Repeal of All Gun Laws Will Free America (Part 2)

What would happen if we repealed all gun laws in 2010?

In the last edition, I posted how 20,000 gun laws and other programs cloned from American Gun Control have furnished valuable information as to how far officials can push all Americans. I wrote how armed citizens do not fight tyranny with a gun directly, but how armed citizens impeach those abusive, costly anti-crime programs which, themselves tyrannize Americans. There is a difference. Disarm America and abusive programs are made to seem necessary. Restore the second amendment, and dozens of programs are proven to be utterly worthless boondoggles.

Modern America’s experience of abuses of process which crescendoed in 2008 and 2009, national scandals and takings right down to verbal abuses of the electorate from officials in town hall meetings were made possible and emboldened purely by what is learned from gun control: American tolerance and patience to a fault. Chief among the targets is citizen sovereign authority over officials which has been forgotten, insulted and vexed, more likely erased from American education. The moment we try to assert our rights over servants, the servants are taken by surprise, offended and baffled.

The very idea of quarreling with the electorate is an exquisite betrayal of intent to go against the electorate. They have a high confidence in how far they can go from what they have learned from gun bans and other gun control.

The question was: Despite what servants think they know about how far they can push the electorate, how do we recapture our independence out from under our own public servants?

I advocate the repeal of all gun laws as the very first item on the agenda of Conservatives, Libertarians and Independents who will run for public office in 2010. The Republicans aren’t going to do it, are they? For them, the concept of an armed electorate as integral to fighting crime is uncouth, bad taste, and unseemly. Like spoiled kids, they have no knowledge of everyday problems, no knowledge of the most straightforward solutions for meeting violent crime and respecting the voter. They have no comprehension as to our legal authority to act when confronted by violence. They have no knowledge that each citizen may stop a crime in progress and do so more than Police do. They do have knowledge, however, as to how being disarmed makes predatory political programs sound necessary. That, they know.

But what would happen if new freshmen Senators and U.S. Representatives began to repeal unreasonable gun laws? A lot would change in favor of the electorate and no longer in favor of the public servants. There would not be change because some servant feels they have a gun to their head — there would be change in the name of propriety, oath, and loyalty to the republic. It would be a lot easier with a selection of candidates who understand the authority we all have to fight crime without any need for those programs which for decades tied our hands in fighting crime. And which transferred our wealth out of our hands.

Example: crime is lower in states where concealed carry of handguns is affirmed throughout the state, but crime is higher and more vicious in their major cities where gun rights are frustrated and ignored. I’d say to do the math, but it’s already been done.

These candidates would have to run on the understanding that they do not go to Congress or any other office to get rich in retirement or special privilege, but to serve, and that would mean smaller government, perhaps even soon talking themselves out of a job. That would be public service.

And if they are made to know that they have a constituency of registered voters in Libertarian, Conservative and Independents along with all sorts of other support, then it will more likely become a you-build-it-and-they-will-come. Voter turnout would be critical to the success of a due process retaking of the United States from her servants back to the sovereign.

Gun laws go against the interests of the United States, but what would change if we repealed this adverse, predatory practice?

Americans would have a higher confidence in government overall; trust of the electorate would replace the morbid insistence that the electorate trust officials. Courts would be less choked. Police would be less burdened, funding would go further, boondoggles would diminish, crime would come more under the control of the victim, and crazy anti-crime programs such as excessive electronic surveillance would be more obviously discredited.

One of the greatest benefits would be in how the government perceives the citizen. At this time, not only do 20,000 gun laws abuse all taxpayers, but dozens and dozens of programs and policies consider the citizen a pest, a nuisance to the ‘governance’ work of officials. Look at how officials are treating constituents in the health care reform town halls: the liberals are attacking the constituents and the conservatives are so even-handed, you’d think they were holding their coats for them. Oh, well, go along to get along, I guess.

This is why we need a whole new generation of candidates and the constituency to summon them. With the right constituency – Libertarians, Independents and Conservatives registering to vote and voting – the right candidates will have a chance of winning. The best chance of winning office would be to make the repeal of gun laws a plank on their liberty platform, and to announce it early. It would begin with consulting liberty purists on the subject. I’m available.

This house-cleaning — along with the repeal of gun laws — would reverse the attitude of officials about families, privacy, private property, education content and liberty in general. It could change the entire complexion of the United States back. Repeal all gun laws, and the rest of those abuses of the sovereign would take care of themselves, because they are based on defective theories of fighting crime and hate. In the end, they don’t fight anybody but the citizen.

What else would happen if we got rid of all gun laws?

Independence. Independence is more than a sense of freedom, freedom is different. Independence is to be officially recognized as the sovereign over the servant and to be anything but dependent on the servant. That doesn’t mean we ignore laws, it means fewer laws. That means no more force against the citizen. No more bold hostility to constituents. No more disrespect and defiance of the electorate.

It would mean a return to more guts, courage and freer critical thought, and an abandonment of a personal sense of futility and helplessness of the electorate. It would mean a return to personal dignity in both personal success and personal failure in no longer having your choices made for you by drones who guarantee failure and dependency. It would mean an outright rejection and replacement of PC thought as self-destructive, if not predatory. Removing the use of force to make people PC compliant would be an independence in itself, wouldn’t it? Gun control has facilitated the entire paradigm of who should have the monopoly on force over to officials to get just that one result: intimidation and discouragement.

More to come. – © 2009 – John Longenecker – All Rights Reserve