How the Repeal of All Gun Laws Will Free America (Part 1)

Most Americans do not make the connection between American Gun Control and today’s scandals of bank bailouts, corporate takeovers, immense failures, government intrusion and indifference, massive disrespect for the electorate, and other harassment of the sovereign. There is a connection.

For a long time, I have urged the repeal of all gun laws. Since the very inception of gun control in this country, abuses of powers has served the public servants more than the electorate, and few of the promises have ever come true. The fears of liberty purists have all come true, right on schedule it seems. All of this goes without saying, but how do we find our way back home again to a nation of Independence from our own servants?

Gun laws – more than 20,000 of them – serve officials by unwinding natural values and rights of armed defense of the person and permit massive transfers of our wealth to others little by little. How gun control is related to modern crises is in how experiments and trials tested and proven on gun bans, restrictions and regulations give valuable feedback to social engineers as to how far they can go against the electorate. It’s not enough to say that citizens must be disarmed first before any tyranny, it is more: it is a feature-rich test which surrenders up valuable information.

The idea — the experiment – gauges how America’s most vociferous defenders of liberty (gun owners) are actually very tolerant thanks to their respect for due process and faith in the law. This is used against them (and everyone else) in pushing back the borders of how far government can go in
unreasonableness against protest. Get it past gun owners first, and the rest of the nation is easy prey. This is what we are seeing now in scandals seemingly unrelated to gun control. All of the fighting we see in newsmedia every day now between indifferent, stubborn officials and their resentful
constituents is gleaned from what is learned from gun control. They have a very high confidence level in how far they can go thanks to what they know about how far they have been able to go in gun control.

Gun control is Number One on the list of these tests and abuses because it yields up that sort of social engineering information: how far can you push the American people on an issue that means so much to, say, oh.. 80 million? What can you learn about dividing Americans?

This makes it the pressure point to push in unwinding these by the ton. Imagine how neighborhoods will someday soon embrace and thank the average armed citizen for not only helping to regain control of their neighborhoods, but to once again have high expectations of public service and integrity of law enforcement, self-policing and professional integrity in office, and perhaps, just perhaps, fewer laws passed. Much of this would come from respect, respect which the official does not give the electorate at this time.

This is one of the best rewards of the repeal of all gun laws: the idea that so many anti-crime programs costing billions are simply not needed when the citizenry is armed. So many costly programs thrive because they know how little attention non-gun owners will pay and ignore bigger government is a veritable gold mine of data up to now. As it stands today, tens of millions are aroused as some officials have gone too far and aroused the sleeping giant.

After all, they also know form their data that some of the loudest complainers aren’t even registered to vote.

Alright, so the sleeping giant is awake. But, then, what do we do next? How do we get our independence back again?

I write often that the armed citizen does not fight tyranny in eventual shoot-outs with our own American troops, but by every day impeaching the need for so many policies which, themselves tyrannize Americans. Americans are tyrannized by coercive rules and penalties, by sweeping mandates, by takings, by taxations, by abuses of powers, by bankruptcy in defending those cases, by education content, by zero-tolerance in school and workplace, and other paradigms of many who never consult the parent or citizen, but so-called experts. All of these are groomed for success by a blueprint of what is learned from Gun Control. All of these speak only to factions of America such that one cannot count on understanding and support from other Americans. All of these can be unwound for all by the repeal of all gun laws.

What’s the payoff for the social engineers? How do officials gain from the tragedy of seemingly intractable violent crime? Moving America from a values system and personal dignity of Independence into a nation of utter dependency with all exits closed is the payday for officials. It is the old Hegelian model of governance in presiding over continuing crisis instead of presiding over prosperity and independence from servants, and nothing rouses cooperation better than violence.

But there is more to freedom that waiting for government to chase away thugs. Superb data works both ways: Lynch v. NC DOJ remarked that “Police have no duty to protect individuals from the criminal acts of others.” Lynch went on to say that their duties lie elsewhere in keeping the peace, in
enforcement of the law. This means after-the-fact, friends. Dependency is a terrible thing.

How many have to die before the sleeping giant has his coffee and make the connection of gun control to dependency on our servants?

Repeal all gun laws as the beginning of getting out from under bigger government and away from dependency on our very own public servants.

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