Rep. Conyers Sees No Point in Reading the Bills

Rep. Conyers Sees No Point in Reading the Bills

Years ago, GOA’s Founder and Chairman H.L. “Bill” Richardson wrote a book entitled, What Makes You Think We Read the Bills?  As a former state senator, Richardson knew of the antics and dirty tricks that go on in our legislatures across the country.

Today, Americans are beginning to demand that their legislators read the bills.  But despite the appeals to do so, some legislators — like Democrat Rep. John Conyers of Michigan — are digging in their heels.

Take a look at this video and see for yourself.

In What Makes You Think We Read the Bills, you’ll be both amused and outraged at Sen. Richardson’s tales of the day to day shenanigans in your state and national capitols.

Does your legislator suddenly stop being your representative?  He’s just suffered Peer-Group Shift (see Chapter 12).  Does the majority elect? (find the answer in Chapter 18).  There are wildly funny chapters — Ze Mooz (4), Burros and the Pill (9), Gangrene and the Board of Education (16) — as well as plenty of straight talk about how and why our legislators are no longer ours.

Throughout, Sen. Richardson’s breezy text is the underlying theme that “this can’t go on much longer, enough is enough!”  He offers many thoughtful reflections on why our legislatures have gone off the tracks, and scores of helpful suggestions how to put things right.

You can order your copy of What Makes You Think We Read the Bills at a special price of $4.95 plus shipping and handling.  To order your copy today, please go to: