NH: Pre-emption on the move, Senators need to hear from you…


A few weeks ago, we reported that the Senate Judiciary Committee was set to consider HB 307, which will add much-needed enforcement penalties to New Hampshire’s longstanding firearms pre-emption law. The committee met on December 14 and voted HB 307 “ought to pass” with an amendment.

I have reviewed the committee amendment with the prime sponsor, Rep. Norm Silber — as well as, with Michael Hammond, GOA’s Legislative Counsel. Both feel that the amendment does not change the intent or the effect of HB 307 — which is to stop local officials from enacting gun control. Gun owners are entitled to a clear and consistent set of state-wide laws.

The Senate is expected to meet in session on Wednesday, January 5, and they will likely consider HB 307. Please click the take action button above to urge your Senator to vote YES on an expected “ought to pass” motion on HB 307, firearms pre-emption.