NE: Urge Senators Geist & McKinney to Advance Permitless Carry!

Send a message to Senators Suzanne Geist (D25) & Terrell McKinney (D11) urging them to report Senator Tom Brewer’s Permitless Carry Bill out of Committee!

Patriots we demonstrated our commitment to the cause of liberty by showing up in significant numbers to the committee hearing on January 26th, and the Permitless Carry has smashed through the filibuster, as well as survived the vote on the second reading. But support for this essential bill is fading.

We still need to be engaged to ensure that we get Permitless Carry passed in 2023. Now, let’s push this bill to the next stage! If Colorado can frustrate the machinations of the diabolical socialist agenda with a thirty hour principled discourse, then Nebraska should be able to effortlessly pass L.B. 77.

Sen. Suzanne Geist (D25)

However, there are those in the Nebraska Senate who despise liberty and your God-given rights! In particular, there are two members who do not want you to exercise your God-given right to defend life, liberty, and property with commonly held arms without asking permission from the government!

Our rights are not only self-evidently true, but also, they are endowments to all humanity equally by our Creator. That timeless truth is such, regardless of whether the infringing misconduct is instigated by a lawless individual or by the actions of an unjust government.

By not having the moral courage to defend liberty, Senators Geist and McKinney have clearly demonstrated that they do not support the God-given right of their constituency to “keep and bear arms.”

Terrell McKinney (D11)

If we wish to have a rebirth of liberty within this nation, we must passionately strive to preserve these cherished gifts from our Creator. That effort begins with the Sovereign States adhering to their mandate to defend the liberties of their citizens by removing unconstitutional laws that infringe upon our rights.

That’s why GOA needs your help to ensure that we get as many Cornhuskers as possible to contact Senators McKinney & Geist.

So, please send a message to these legislators right away demanding they vote for Permitless Carry on the thread reading.