NC: Gun-Free College Enables Campus Killer

UNC Tragedy Demonstrates Danger of Gun-Free Zones

Dear friend,

Monday was the first day of classes at UNC Chapel Hill. Sadly, it was also the day a professor on campus was murdered.

North Carolina law unfortunately prohibits concealed carry on campus by the public, enabling crazies and criminals to be the only ones with guns.

And in the tragic case of Professor Zijie Yan, when he had only seconds to defend himself, the police were still several minutes away.

This murder is another example of the dangers of gun-free zones. Sadly, recent attacks, like the one at the Nashville Covenant school, demonstrate the ability of these killers to go unchallenged until they end themselves or are finally stopped by police.

Fortunately, universities that allow staff and students to carry have experienced positive changes. Liberty University, which has allowed staff and students to carry for a decade, is consistently ranked as one of the safest universities in the country.

Those on campus must be given the ability to go from victim to true first responder, and this can only come about with an instant, armed response.

As a firearms instructor, I know the life-saving difference that an armed citizen can make. The longer these killers go unchallenged, the higher the victim count. However, when they meet resistance (especially in the form of returned fire), these attackers usually give up.

That is why North Carolina should remove the prohibition of firearms on campus.

This year, West Virginia passed legislation to allow campus carry on its public universities, and at least thirty-five states have some form of campus carry. North Carolina needs to take this proactive approach to protect college staff and students.

If you’re a college student (or know one), and you’d like to make campus carry a reality in North Carolina, please get involved with 2A Defenders, GOF’s student outreach program.

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Certified Firearms Instructor
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America