GOP Cut Deal to Enact the Biden Gun Control Agenda

I have bad news.

It appears that Republicans just cut an anti-gun compromise during negotiations over the passage of H.R. 1620, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act of 2021 (VAWA).

Gun owners need to TAKE ACTION immediately to tell their Senators to oppose this ridiculous anti-gun compromise.

On December 16th, anti-gun leaders Senator Feinstein and Senator Durbin joined arms with Republican Senators Ernst and Murkowski to announce:

“After nearly three years of negotiations, we have reached an agreement…

“We are committed to introducing a bipartisan, modernized VAWA reauthorization next month.”

Senator Feinstein went on to brag that this compromise would expand the misdemeanor gun ban.

Given the makeup of the Senate, there is NO REASON that gun control should pass this Congress.

And to be sure, Senators who were elected on a pro-gun platform have no business HELPING the Biden Administration enact its gun control agenda.

So please, take action to oppose this anti-gun “deal.”

Republicans have been negotiating with the Democrats over this for years.

And for years our grassroots activists were clear: NO GUN CONTROL IN VAWA.

Please, use our tool to quickly send a message to your Senators, notifying them that you are opposed to this deal!

Gun owners demand the removal of these anti-gun sections from the bill:

  • Section 102: federal grants to fund firearm seizures.
  • Sections 801 and 802: a new form of “red flag” gun confiscation orders, and new and expanded misdemeanor gun bans.
  • Sections 1201 and 1202: greater funding to prosecute tens of thousands of NICS denials—including law-abiding gun owners who receive false-positive denials.
  • Section 1203: special appointments and deputizations to prosecute new gun controls.

These sections have NOTHING to do with reducing violence against women and EVERYTHING to do with enacting President Biden’s gun control agenda.

Which is why it’s disturbing to see the anti-gun compromise that was just cut.

Send your Senators an email here, and then give them a phone call to hold them accountable at (202) 224-3121).

In WHAT WORLD is this a win for the Second Amendment?


Tell your Senators to quit negotiating with your rights!