NJ: Slew of Anti-Gun Bills could be Voted on as early as Monday!

As I am sure you have heard, there is a slew of anti-gun legislation that could be voted on as early as Monday. 

These very tyrannical proposals include the following: 

  • A.1280/S.103 will create an outright ban on firearms of .50 Caliber and greater. 
  • A.1292/S.1481 requires dealers to create an electronic record-keeping system for ammunition sales.  This will drive up costs and create a database of gun owners.
  • A.3686/S.372 requires new residents to obtain a firearm purchaser ID card and register all firearms brought into the state.  Make no mistake, registration will lead to confiscation.
  • A.5030/S.2169 requires anyone applying for a Firearms Purchaser Identification Card to take a government approved class.  The bill will also make the cards expire in 4 years — a reduction from the current card that is good for life. 
  • A.5647/S.3757 requires you to lock up your gun.  This will make self-defense much more difficult. 
  • A.5787/S.3826 requires newly-manufactured semi-automatic handguns to “micro-stamp” fired cases.  This unproven and largely unavailable science fiction “technology” will likely create a de facto handgun ban.  
  • A.6218 allows the Attorney General to bring cause of action for certain so-called public nuisance violations arising from the sale or marketing of firearms. 

There is no doubt that these are some of the most anti-gun, anti-self-defense bills to ever be introduced anywhere in the nation.  Sadly, these bills will not stop criminals but will instead make criminals out of the law-abiding. 

Unfortunately, the Democrats in charge feel emboldened due to the fact they were reelected and retained their majority in a year when many Republicans took over (such as in Virginia). These dictators-in-practice have no regard for your rights and will almost certainly ignore all pleas for them to change. 

Regardless of the outcome, we must not back down. Please use the following two links to find the phone numbers for your Representatives and Senators. 

Then give them a call and tell them to OPPOSE all of these anti-gun bills. 

If you have time, I would also suggest you post to your Representative’s and Senator’s Facebook pages, urging them to OPPOSE these bills and all future gun control! 

Thanks for taking action and fighting for your rights.