Help GOA Stand Against Biden’s Attack on Hunters and Recreational Shooters

Help GOA Stand Against Biden’s Attack on Hunters and Recreational Shooters

Joe Biden has instituted an all-out war against hunters and recreational shooters.

With your help, GOA has been leading the fight to expose Biden’s plans and work with Congress to protect our American hunting traditions from these unprecedented attacks.

The battle is not over, and we still need your help! Please contact Congress about these critical issues by clicking here!

Over the course of this past summer, I wrote Op-Eds in The Washington Times exposing the two most high-profile examples of “Biden’s War on Hunters and Recreational Shooters” including the banning of lead ammunition and the destruction of 58 year-old hunting and shooting programs available in many of America’s schools.

With GOA’s help, American hunters scored a huge win when public pushback against the destruction of the school programs became so intense that it could not be ignored.

Congressional action overturned Biden’s ban, reinstating access to hunter education programs and shooting programs in schools, but anti-gun members of Congress and this Administration have not given up on other plans to attack our hunting rights and traditions.

Biden’s lead ammunition ban is still slated to go forward on certain areas of federal lands in the eastern United States, and prior failed efforts by the Left tells us this will be a precursor to more draconian bans around the country.

This week, Chad Prather from the Blaze Network hosted me to talk about the most critical developments in “Biden’s War on Hunters.” We discussed recent happenings and how hunters can step up and fight back against ongoing threats like the banning of lead ammunition.

Be sure to watch the interview with Chad, and most importantly, we need you to help us by reaching out to members of Congress and making your voice heard in the battle to protect our American hunting tradition!

With GOA’s full support, the Republican-controlled U.S. House recently passed legislation defunding Biden’s lead ammunition ban, and they have plans for concrete protections for hunting and target shooting access on public lands. However, the budget fights in Washington have stalled progress on these issues in the U.S. Senate.

Congress will delay action on all these issues into January and February of 2024, but hunters and gun owners need to contact their members of the U.S. House and Senate NOW and let them know what you expect them to do in the upcoming budget battles.

Please tell your Representatives and Senators to do everything they can to ensure this Administration does not destroy America’s great hunting and shooting traditions for the next generation.

Contact your members of the U.S. House and Senate by clicking here! 

Over the course of the next few weeks and months, GOA will be sending more information to you about “Biden’s War on Hunters” and how you can help us convince Congress to protect the American Hunting Tradition.

The battle to save America’s hunting and recreational shooting traditions will wage on for a long time, but rest assured GOA will be standing on the front lines for the battles ahead.

P.S. Please act today to send Congress a message telling them to stop the Biden Administration’s ongoing war against hunters and recreational shooters!