GOA Members Send Thanksgiving Present to Rittenhouse

Pictured above: Explaining to Newsmax viewers how Kyle Rittenhouse did not overreact with his firearm and showed great self-restraint. Read GOA’s article in USA Today defending Kyle and AR-15s here.

I was truly emotional reading through the thousands of comments that GOA’s activists like yourself wrote to encourage Kyle Rittenhouse.

The GOA family is truly amazing, and we are so thankful for each and every one of you.

But let me back up for a second. Speaking of family, I hope that you had a fantastic Thanksgiving Day yesterday.

We certainly do have a lot to be thankful for — and we are blessed that activists like yourself have stood by GOA this year.

You have helped us accomplish great things — too many to list of all of them right now.

But here are just a few of the ways that you helped advance gun rights this year:

  • Enacting Constitutional Carry in five states 
  • Achieving 2A Sanctuary status in almost ten states 
  • Court victories on bump stocks and concealed carry 
  • Defeating the anti-gun David Chipman for ATF Director
  • Stalling red flags gun confiscation in Congress, and more!

And there’s a lot more that I could mention.

But most recently, you all helped us to bless a young man whose life was turned upside down for 15 months.

Of course, I’m talking about Kyle Rittenhouse, who was put on trial for defending himself.

I was not exaggerating when I said that it was emotional to read the comments from this GOA family.

It is obvious that you care for this 18-year-old, young adult. And we’re so glad to those of you who took action.

What a great Thanksgiving present you helped to provide to Kyle.

On Wednesday, November 24 — the day before Thanksgiving — we overnighted the first round of encouragements to Kyle Rittenhouse at his home.

I say the “first round,” because the responses from all of you has been so overwhelming — it would deluge him with nearly 2,000 pages to send everything all at once.

More than 6,000 of you sent short comments to encourage Kyle. And just sending a mere 70 comments or so took up 22 pages.

So the first round is in the mail to him. We plan to send the rest, as well, after we finish collating them all.

But I wanted to let you see the inspirational comments that were sent to Kyle. Please note, that while we have included people’s personal information in the letter to Kyle (if you penned an encouragement), we have redacted the names and addresses in this email.

By the way, I also told Kyle that the lower receiver for his new “KR-15” has already been produced by one of GOA’s partners in New Hampshire.

RTD Arms has produced a beautiful receiver with a very unique serial number: NOTGUILTY-00001.  RTD told us that there will not be any more KR-15 rifles produced; this is a one of a kind.

Moreover, Midwest Industries of Wisconsin has donated the handguard (fore end) and sights for this firearm, and Negrini of Arkansas has donated the case.

We think Kyle will be very pleased to receive this rifle and case.  Even though this is a custom rifle that is heavily upgraded and will be unique to Kyle, it is also a fully functional rifle that can be used to defend himself, his home and family should the need ever arise.

I am truly humbled by GOA’s outstanding partners.  You can see all of them here.

Anyway, thank you again for all your hard work this year.

And thanks again for blessing Kyle.

Please forgive the length of what follows below. But as I said above, I wanted you to see the first round of inspirational comments that GOA’s family wrote to Kyle. And then you can see even more encouragements by clicking here.

Encouragement from GOA Members  

to Kyle Rittenhouse 

(Part 1)

Dear Kyle,

I’ve been praying for you. Prayers were answered! God bless you. You did everything right, but I’m sure it didn’t feel like it this last year.

You are a patriotic inspiration to millions of people, though i know that was never your intention. God doesn’t use the powerful, he uses the willing to do powerful things.

Stay strong, it’s only the evil people that hate you. We the people of America love you and have prayed for you. Keep praying, I’ll keep praying for you. You still have an arduous journey to get your life back unfortunately. And you have some serious defamation lawsuits to win.

But above all, I pray that you are able to find peace. You’ve certainly earned it.



Dearest Kyle,

You honored us and yourself with your steadfast courage and your unwavering defense of the 2nd Amendment and our right to bear arms.

We hoped and prayed for your protection, your strength, and for justice on your behalf.  Our prayers were answered.

You have changed the course of history, and made a profound contribution to preserving America’s freedoms.

May you continue to stand strong in the face of the ongoing assault of Evil and Tyranny, as we all must if we are to remain free.

I am forever grateful for what you have done for all of us. 

May you always be blessed with the goodness of Life.

With much love and respect, 

Barbara Anne 


Dear Kyle,

I want you to know that me, my friends and family are so very glad you were found not guilty. Of course, you never should have been on trial for defending yourself and others around you.

Unfortunately, our county has taken a wrong turn and we need to fight like never before to get it back again. This is where I want to personally thanks you. Thank you for your courage. It could not have been or even now be easy for you, but you showed tremendous courage in the way you handled yourself.

I know that we don’t know each other but I would like to call you a brother, as well as a true patriot. The thoughtfulness of your character for the concern for your community and willingness to help those around you is awesome.

If all people especially young folks like yourself could summon their respect, courage and patriotism like you have then we will all be a stronger America because of it. I wish you all the best young brother. I will always stand with strong willed, like minded and patriotic Americans like yourself. Just know, as I’m sure you do that you have massive support behind you.

GOA is a terrific organization, and I think it’s very cool of them to support you the way they have and continue to do.  

Good luck on everything you do in life, I wish you all the best brother. Stay strong and stay true to yourself. Your friend,




Thank God that you are alive and were able to exercise the god given right to defend your life from those who would take it from you. Now I urge you to Sue, Sue, Sue each and every Media Network, News persons, and others starting with Joseph Biden who not only Defamed you but inflamed the mindset of the demented left radicals in this country. I am a 22 year veteran and a 74 year old patriot who once believed in this country to now see it being run into the ground by a Democrat party that more resembles the communist party.

Kyle please use this platform that I know you never asked for to Sue those that defamed you and mocked our legal system with their radical left wing ideology. Please do this not out of vengeance but out of a moral responsibility to let those who use their public platforms that they do not have the right to defame, misconstrue, lie and distort the rules of law and of morality to perpetuate their evil distorted ideals. Thank God, Kyle, you were able to defend yourself and I pray that you have a long peaceful life and never have to undergo anything like this again.


GaryUSN-USNR retired


Dear Kyle,

I just wanted to congratulate you on your victory over these tyrants!! ALL of us patriots and pro 2A supporters have been with you through this entire bullsh*t!

We all prayed and stood up to the true criminals, the media, blm, antifa and the corrupted politician’s! We all knew you were, not only justified in your actions, but you were a true hero!! We are all here for you and will continue to support you and your family!! We thank your awesome lawyers! We know this has been an absolute nightmare for you, and we all knew the deck was stacked against you/us, but, you stood your ground, you never gave up and you never lied!!

Just as we were all beside you, so was God! Youre a hero, no doubt about it! your a damn good kid, and a damn fine example of what a TRUE patriot is! we all thank you for standing your ground and standing up and fighting back against these tyrants! we will ALWAYS be beside you!

Enjoy your new, well deserved AR15 courtesy of the greatest, NO COMPRISE 2A defenders in this country,  the GUN OWNERS OF AMERICA and it’s awesome members! GOD bless you and your family,

Kyle, and remember, God, truth, justice and honesty will always win! God bless you, Kyle. 



Dear Kyle, 

Although you would probably give anything NOT to have been thrust into the situation you were in, you deserve the thanks of all Americans for defending in the courtroom all of our right to self-defense.  Watching the videos and hearing the testimony of the eyewitnesses, I could not help but admire your self-restraint and trigger discipline during the debacle on the streets, and your courage and composure in the courtroom.

As a firearms instructor, I hope to obtain copies of the videos shown during your trial, as an example of lawful self-defense to show my students.  As a prosecuting attorney, I thank God that I have the authority to decline clear-cut self-defense cases such as yours (and to fire anyone as unethical as Thomas Binger).

If you should ever decide to go into law enforcement, or go to law school, please contact me, as I would be proud to write you a letter of recommendation.  May God bless you and heal you of the trauma you have undergone, and give you the brightest of futures!

With my deep admiration,  



Dear Kyle,

Prayer is a mighty thing!

He will support you when no one else will! Knowing Jesus Christ is your only goal, if you do not know Him now! Thank you for your gallantry and showing all Americans it’s time to stand against evil! YOU are an amazing American! Thank you!



Young man,

God is with you and by his intervention you are a free man.  Serve him in all ways in your life.  My wife and I prayed every night at dinner for you.  You are a strong young man.  Justice prevailed!!  We Americans do have to the right to protect, period.

I will keep your family in my prayers for the decisions and challenges you will confront.  We have your back Kyle.  Hit them in the pocketbook, right where it hurts the corrupt.  Enjoy your new AR.



Dear Kyle,

You are a man of strength and principle. You have had to experience what many of us will never experience and in the future, you will see the wisdom it will bring into your life! 

There are MILLIONS of U.S. and worldwide citizens that have backed you, and your actions taken, in Kenosha. The world cried with you and rejoiced at the verdict.

Do not let this experience stop you from seeking God’s plans in your life. There is much evil within our borders and in Washington D. C. It does not matter which side of the political spectrum.

Fight for the Constitution, Liberty and above all Justice. Keep your head straight and your heart for God.

God Bless YOU and America!



Dear Kyle,

I am only a several months younger than you. I want to congratulate you on winning your trial. God has truly protected you from the evils of this world.

The way you showed maturity at the courtroom was beyond your age, likewise the way you restrained yourself and showed proper firearm use while in Kenosha that night, was also a solid portrayal of the person you are; not all people have the composers to act the way you did, even people much older than you.

I would like you to know I have defended you I will defend you and I am grateful for the stance you took on behalf of others. I want you to know that the Lord is calling you and if you are feeling overwhelmed by your situation, run to him and give your life to him, he will rescue you and help you through anything that may come your way, especially if it is a difficulty in your life.

Thank you for taking a stand and doing what is right, you are an inspiration to myself and countless others across the country. God Bless.



Dear Kyle,

My wife and I have stood behind you through this whole ordeal. We are praying for you and your family. Stay strong and thank you for your devotion to family, community and country.  

God bless.



Dear Kyle,

I watched your trial from beginning to end and cried with joy when the verdict was read.  You are an amazing young man and your parents should be very proud.  When you testified, I was so impressed by your demeanor and strength.

As I have told my daughter many times, when you tell the truth, you don’t have to remember what you told anyone else, because it’s the truth.  Congratulations on your victory.

I too went to Arizona State and loved the school.  Stay safe and if you’re ever up in Prescott, you’re always welcome in our home.  God Bless You.



Dear Kyle,

There are a ton of people out in America who support you and out rights to self-defense. You have become a beacon of hope and light to all of us. You have an opportunity to make a huge impact on all of our abilities to keep and improve those rights.

Go after everyone who defamed you and send a message that it is inappropriate to label people in a negative light just because they choose to defend themselves. Use this opportunity to do good in this world. God Bless you and God Bless America!



I have prayed for you daily that the Lord would watch over you and that Justice would win out over lies. I am so proud of you, and hope that now you can regain your life, love and freedom.

God Bless you, 



Dear Kyle,

Kyle, as a 25 yr Navy veteran, I flew off aircraft carriers for decades swearing allegiance to and protecting the U.S. Constitution.  I am a Navy pilot, my wife is a Navy nurse.

We usually don’t get to choose the time and place that our battles will be fought.  Your battle in support of all our constitutional freedoms is just as real as mine…just another time and place. In a way, your public battle for liberty eclipses the years we spent at sea as it is so public.  As a relatively young man, this may all seem overwhelming to you.  Just know that you are not alone.  Millions of patriots who have sacrificed much in battle, and deployments around the world, far from home, know your concerns and stand side by side with you.

Sometimes it comes to this.  Sometimes we have to grow up very fast.  You share a kinship with the thousands close to your age who laid it all on the line on foreign shorelines around the world.  Stand strong young American, as we have stood strong, hoping that someone such as you would follow in our footsteps.  You are now our brother. One does not need to wear a uniform to be a patriot. We are one.