UPDATED: Local Communities are Fighting Back Against Gun Control

Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances are Popping up Around the Country

34 States now have Counties with SASOs in Place

Communities around the nation are standing up to the narrative that gun control is the will of the people. Over 826 counties, towns, and cities have passed what are known as Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinances/Resolutions, or SASOs.

These ordinances/resolutions tell their state and federal government that the county does not support gun control and that it will not be enforced even if it becomes law.

Just in the past month, counties in Virginia, Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Arizona have enacted versions of SASOs, bringing the number of states that have them up to 19.

However, while these ordinances/resolutions are passed for the right reasons, they could be better.

Many of the ordinances/resolutions that have been passed simply declare the county as a Second Amendment Sanctuary, but do not usually offer any way to enforce the ordinance.

In other words, these SASOs don’t have any teeth, or ways to hold those who break the ordinance accountable.

That is where our SASO is different.

Gun Owners of America has created a SASO template that can be adopted by any community, county, city, or town.

Our SASO, while making your community a Second Amendment sanctuary, also allows for your community to fine or punish those officials that break the ordinance.

This minor addition makes your SASO much more meaningful and turns it into something impactful, rather than just a simple resolution.

Please click here to learn more about our Second Amendment Sanctuary Ordinance and to download a copy for yourself.

Whether you are a county commissioner, on the city council — or just a private citizen who wants to see our resolution passed in your community — please take a copy to tell people about it.

Click here to let us know if your locality has taken up our SASO.

We are in this fight together.

*This article was updated on 3/04/2020*