GOA Discovers Gun Control HIDDEN Inside Funding Bill

Anti-gunners in Pelosi’s House have a new plan to ram through gun control provisions before they officially retire or lose their seats in January.

Allow me to explain…

The House is about to vote on a Continuing Resolution bill to fund the government, which will likely expire in December.

At that point, Congress will be in a lame duck session, and will try to pass a funding bill for fiscal year 2023 – BEFORE the new House majority takes hold.

Hidden inside that funding bill for 2023 are TEN gun control provisions – including budget hikes for the ATF!

That’s why GOA needs your help telling Congress not to let the Continuing Resolution expire before the next House majority takes hold.

Please add your name to tell the House and Senate NOT to let the CR expire until after the next Congress begins – and to STOP anti-gunners from ramming through a gun control spending bill in the lame duck session.

Take action NOW

Here are the TEN gun control provisions hidden in the FY 2023 Commerce, Justice, Science Appropriations bill:

1. Massive ATF Budget Increase to Facilitate Biden’s Pistol Ban
2. Gun Registration Funding
3. Gun Confiscation Law Funding
4. Financial Benefits for Families of Deceased ATF Agents Killed or Injured on the Job while Enforcing Gun Control
5. Ammunition Background Check Study
6. Gun Control Research, Unbound by the Dickey Amendment
7. Anti-gun Community Violence Interventions
8. “Domestic Violence Firearms Lethality Reduction Initiative”
9. “Violent Anti-Government Ideology” Research
10. Gun Control Earmarks

(I’m still scratching my head to figure out what any of that has to do with “commerce, justice, or science,” but that’s the Swamp for you.)

Up at the very top of the list is a MASSIVE budget increase for the ATF so that they can begin executing Biden’s ban on millions of pistols.

Per the Biden-Harris Administration’s new rule, pistol owners will now have to complete a form that takes 4 hours to register their pistol brace firearm.

You will be forced to give the ATF your name, Social Security number, address, phone number, email, payment information, FINGERPRINTS, as well as the make, model, and serial number of your firearm – and provide photographic evidence of your compliance.

Failure to comply could result in jail time and a $250,000 fine.

At its current pace, the ATF would spend 78 years to process all the registration forms, so they’re requesting a MASSIVE budgetary increase to crack down on your rights as soon as humanly possible.

Speaking of the ATF, this bill also provides $14,000,000 to modernize the National Tracing Center, which is the branch that maintains, accesses, and searches ATF’s digital, searchable gun registries.

And to ensure that NO ONE gets away with failing to comply with the ATF’s burdensome regulations, the bill proposes $40 MILLION for gun confiscation orders.

That’s why we’re also asking Congress to DEFUND the ATF so that it doesn’t have a penny to assault innocent gun owners.

Finally, we all remember Biden’s speech where he called half of the country a “threat to democracy.”

As you’ll see in the above list of 10 gun control provisions, there’s funding for: “Violent Anti-Government Ideology” Research.

It’s not hard to imagine that gun owners who own so-called “assault weapons” and share our Founding Fathers’ hatred of tyranny could be considered anti-government ideologues.

We cannot let this spending bill get passed by anti-gun lame duck members of the House before the new House majority takes hold.

So please, add your name to tell the House and Senate NOT to let the CR expire until after the next congress begins– and to STOP anti-gunners from ramming through a gun control spending bill in the lame duck session.