Stop the War on “Ghost Guns”

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The ATF has released proposed rules to crack down on so-called “ghost guns.”

Politicians have made up the anti-gun pejorative “ghost guns” to try and frighten Americans and justify their assault on your Second Amendment right to craft a homemade firearm.

With the ATF now actively accepting public comments on their proposed rules, Gun Owners of America needs YOUR help flooding the ATF offices with a constant barrage of letters telling them to keep their paws off of our God-given rights.

At a time when the price of everyday goods and materials is skyrocketing, your basic right to be able to craft your own homemade firearm has never been more important.

While you are helping us raise hell on the ATF for their new war on “ghost guns,” Gun Owners of America is SUING the rabidly anti-gun city of Philadelphia for its illegal ban on “ghost guns.”

We just filed a lawsuit along with four Philadelphians seeking to invalidate Philadelphia’s illegal and unconstitutional prohibition on its residents and citizens from making and finishing firearms for their own private use.

Pennsylvania Courts have told Philadelphia no less than THREE TIMES they are NOT permitted to locally regulate firearms, as defined in PA Code Title 18, Second 6120.

But anti-gunners, who have a burning hatred of the Constitution, don’t care about the rule of law.

That’s why Gun Owners of America will remain UNWAVERING in our defense of your God-given rights as the Biden-Harris Administration and their anti-gun lapdogs across America wage war on the Second Amendment.

But we need YOU to take action — and that begins by stopping the ATF from its latest war on “ghost guns.”