MT: Senator Tester Betrays Constitutional Principles!

Tester Votes to Turn Gun Owners into Felons

Dear friend,

Just last week, the Senate voted on H. J. Res. 44, the bill to overturn Biden’s pistol brace ban.

Despite all the talk of “moderate” Democrats bucking the party line to defend their gun-owning constituents, this ended up being a party-line vote.

All 49 Republicans in the Senate voted to protect the Second Amendment, while 50 Democrats voted to support tyranny.

The so-called “moderate” Senator Raymond Jon Tester, who claims to support the Second Amendment, just proved to be nothing more than a bold-faced liar.

However, if the Sen. Tester doesn’t feel the backlash from thousands of gun owners like you, it will only embolden him to allow further infringements on your God-given rights.

So please take action and let Sen. Tester know your displeasure for voting against H. J. Res. 44. As always, be polite in your discourse. After you have sent your email, follow up with a call to his D.C. Office at (202) 224-2644 .

In liberty,

Iain Graeme, M.A. Hist.
Rocky Mountains & Great Plains Region Director
Gun Owners of America