AZ: Senator Sinema Betrays Gun Owners again!

The Senate just voted to BETRAY millions of law-abiding gun owners, and Senator Kyrsten Sinema voted right along party lines. Sinema stated that she is for the 2nd Amendment, and then decided to support the ATF’s tyrannical rule turning millions of law-abiding people into felons. 

Despite all the talk of “moderate” Democrats bucking the party line to defend their gun-owning constituents, this ended up being a party-line vote. 

All 49 Republicans in the Senate voted to protect the Second Amendment, while 50 Democrats voted to support tyranny. 

The so-called “moderate” Senators such as Joe Manchin, Jon Tester, Kyrsten Sinema, and Angus King – who all claim to support the Second Amendment – proved to be nothing more than LIARS. 

It’s time to let the Senator know of her unconstitutional votes, so after the email please take the time to give her office a call at (202) 224-4521. 

So please, contact Senator Kyrsten Sinema and reprimand her for voting against HJ. Res. 44. Let her know that we, the American people, are watching her unconstitutional votes, and will remember them come election time.