Walgreens Pharmacist Gets Fired After Using His Concealed Handgun to Fight Off Armed Robbers

This is an older story, but one that we previously never reported. We wanted to highlight it now as it looks like all of the court proceedings are finally over.

A Walgreens pharmacist found himself without a job after he was fired from his position at Walgreens after opening fire on a pair of armed robbers.

In 2011, two armed robbers entered a 24 hour Walgreens pharmacy in Benton Township around 4am. They took the store manager hostage at gunpoint. The pharmacist on duty, Jeremy Hoven, attempted to call 911, but one of the armed men was behind the counter and in his face before he could complete the call.

Fortunately, Hoven is a licensed concealed carrier, and he was armed. Hoven drew his concealed handgun and opened fire on the pair.

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