Is the 2020 Election Really the Predicted Fire-Armageddon?

Let’s imagine the scary future of life as a gun owner if Joe Biden wins the 2020 election and has his way with the Second Amendment.

According to his so-called “gun safety” plan, which is the most radical gun control platform a major political candidate has ever run on, Biden seeks to:

  • Limit gun purchases to one a month;
  • Institute red flag gun confiscation orders;
  • And force universal registration background checks.

But that’s not all…
Most alarmingly, he gives owners of commonly-owned semi-autos a choice of either submitting their firearms to a gun “buyback” program or registering them in a manner similar to how machine guns are regulated.

And if you think “Sleepy Joe” is too absent-minded to accomplish this, Biden has promised to appoint Beto “Take Your AR-15” O’Rourke as gun czar.

With this in mind, I explore if this election is really “Fire-Armageddon” for gun owners in Gun Owners of America’s latest video and what gun owners can do to prevent this future.

I hope gun owners will not sit this election out.