GA: Make Georgia a Sanctuary for Your Rights

Take Action to Support S.B. 67

Dear friend,

It’s no secret that the federal government has come after your right of self-defense.

We have seen attacks from Congress, where turncoat Republicans joined with anti-gunners to pass radical gun control, and Joe Biden’s ATF, who has attacked homemade firearms and pistol braces.

It’s time for states to stand in the gap against federal tyranny.

That’s where S.B. 67 comes in. This “Second Amendment Preservation Act” (SAPA), essentially prohibits state officials or law enforcement from enforcing gun control and provides punishments if an official does enforce gun control.

This bill closely mirrors Missouri’s SAPA law, which is one of the strongest SAPAs in the country.

However, gun owners must apply political pressure to ensure this bill becomes law. Georgia passed Constitutional Carry last session, and we must build off that momentum.

Now is not the time to back off. So please take action and urge your state lawmakers to support S.B. 67!

In liberty,

Jordan Stein
Southeast Region Director
Gun Owners of America