NH: State Reps Introduce Nine Gun Bills

New Hampshire legislators have been introducing gun legislation left and right. Some of these proposals are good, and some are bad. ALL of these bills will be heard in the House this Wednesday, February 8th.

The list of bills, and their description, is below:

Good Bills

  • HB 474: This bill prohibits the enforcement of any federal law or rule that might impair a person’s natural right to firearm ownership and natural right to self-defense and requires any public official who attempts to enforce such a federal law to be terminated from their position.
  • HB 512: This bill exempts firearms, firearms accessories, and ammunition manufactured in New Hampshire from interstate commerce and from regulation by the federal government.

Bad Bills

  • HB 32: This bill adds a criminal offense for the possession or discharge of a firearm in a safe school zone.
  • HB 59: This bill requires commercial firearms sales or transfers in this state to be subject to a criminal background check and provides a criminal penalty for a violation.
  • HB 76: This bill establishes a waiting period for the delivery of a firearm.
  • HB 78: This bill repeals the prohibition on the state from enforcing any federal statute, regulation, or Presidential Executive Order that restricts or regulates the right of the people to keep and bear arms.
  • HB 106: This bill establishes a procedure for issuing extreme risk protection orders to protect against persons who pose an immediate risk of harm to themselves or others.
  • HB 351: This bill requires a locking safety device accompany all private and commercial firearms transactions and expands the criminal penalties for negligent storage of firearms.
  • HB 444: This bill prohibits possessing a firearm at a polling place and includes certain exceptions.

Please click here to send a message to your State Representative and tell him/her to support the pro-gun bills, while opposing the anti-gun bills.