Elderly Man Grabs Rifle, Confronts Alleged Home Invader

Elderly Man Grabs Rifle, Confronts Alleged Home Invader

On September 22, an elderly man in Carter County, Kentucky, grabbed his rifle and confronted an alleged home invader who was going through drawers, looking for valuables in an unused room of the house.

The incident occurred around 10 a.m., after the alleged home invader woke the elderly gentlemen from his nap.

According to WSAZ 3, the suspect “climbed in through the bedroom window [and] apparently didn’t know or care that the 75-year-old was home.” The noise awoke 75-year-old Robert Hamm, who grabbed his rifle and began walking toward the noise.

Hamm said, “I just pointed the gun at him and told him I’d blow him in two if he moved, and I made him lay down here in the middle of the floor.”

Hamm called 911, then held the suspect at gunpoint until police arrived.

It turns out Hamm has known the suspect “since he was born.” The suspect’s sister, Loretta Boggs, lives just down the road from Hamm, and she was appalled that her own brother would, allegedly, do this to one of her neighbors. Boggs said of her brother, “It hurts me deeply. It hurts the whole family. We love him, but what can we do?”