Boehner Resigns!

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Time to elect a real pro-gun leader

You did it! 

Your phone calls and emails to your member of Congress demanding he or she fire Boehner contributed to a huge announcement.

Thank you for taking action on our previous alert.

Realizing he did not have the votes to remain in power, at the end of October John Boehner will resign as Speaker of the House of Representatives, and from Congress entirely.

But our fight has just begun.

We’ve stopped John Boehner’s campaign of appeasement against gun rights.

But now we must make SURE the next Speaker is a pro-gun champion.

Sadly, the gears are already in motion to replace Boehner with another compromiser.

You can help stop that, too.

Call your member of Congress right now at 202-225-3121

Demand he or she only vote for a Speaker who will:

1)  Defund any and all of Obama’s anti-gun Executive Orders.
2)  Refuse to allow any votes on any of Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Be sure to mention you are a GOA member. 

You forced John Boehner to quit his job.  Now, you can replace him with a pro-gun champion.

Call your member of Congress right now at 202-225-3121.  (If you’re not sure who your Representative is, you can just give your address and you will be directed to the correct office.)

Let your Congressman know the next Speaker must be 100% pro-gun.

Tim Macy

P.S.  You forced John Boehner out!  Don’t let the D.C. establishment replace him with another compromiser.

Call your Member of Congress right now at 202-225-3121.  Tell him or her only to vote for a Speaker who will defund any and all of Obama’s anti-gun Executive Orders and refuse to allow any votes on Obama’s anti-gun agenda.

Thank you for your activism.  Please consider chipping in $10 or $20 to support GOA’s push for a pro-gun Speaker of the House.