Breaking My Silence On The FEC Facebook Complaint ~ Facebook is a “Media Entity”

During the 2020 Presidential election cycle, I noticed that Facebook fact-checkers were marking truthful articles about Kamala Harris’s stance on the Second Amendment as false!?

Two articles, in particular, caught my attention. One-piece was from Cam Edwards that ran in Bearing Arms. The other article was written by Gun Owners of America’s (GOA) Texas Director Rachel Malone and ran in the Houston Courant. The gist of both was that Harris doesn’t believe that American individuals have the right to bear arms. Both reports cited an Amicus brief filed in the landmark Heller case written and signed by the Vice-Presidential candidate.

In the Amicus brief, written in Harris’s time as the California Attorney General, she argued that the individual does not have the right to bear arms. Malone and Edwards both used this Amicus brief as a basis for their stories. When people shared these stories on Facebook, the mega platform’s non-U.S.-based truth-checkers “fact-checked” both articles as “false.”

Facebook placed a large overlay on top of the articles that redirected readers to the fact-checkers own website. In this case, the fact-checker was the Agence France-Presse (AFP). The AFP is a French Government-funded news agency. The AFP is run differently from organizations like PBS or NPR. While their governments fund all three, Both PBS and NRP are independent of their governments. In the case of the AFP, French government officials sit on its board and have direct control over how the AFP makes decisions…

I decided to experiment to see what in these articles triggered the “false” flag. I posted the original Amicus brief with zero comments. It was just a link to the official brief by itself. Immediately Facebook marked it as “false.” So, after Facebook talked about how it was snuffing out foreign election interference, it turned over the keys to the castle to the French Government.

I used my internal contacts at Facebook to open an “Oops Report.” An Oops Report is an internal ticket that employees use when something is wrong. I also reached out to the tech giant’s press department to get a comment on what I found.

Instead of replying to me, the company deleted my FB account and banned me for life, from the platform…

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