Biden’s NEW Nominee for ATF Director

You helped take down Chipman. Now let’s take down Dettelbach.

GOA needs your help winning another battle. 

You helped us defeat Biden’s last nominee for ATF director, David Chipman. 

Now, we need you to help us defeat Biden’s replacement nominee to lead the ATF, Steve Dettelbach. 

Dettelbach is a radical anti-gunner who advocates for universal background checks, wants to reinstate the “assault weapons” ban, and repeats the tired old lie that the Second Amendment is only for sport 

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold its first hearing for Dettelbach today, so it’s time to start pressuring the 50-50 Senate to STRIKE HIM DOWN! 

The Biden-Harris Administration keeps saying they want to stop the spread of “disinformation.” 

But their ATF nominee, Steve Dettelbach, has spread some of the worst disinformation and downright lies about guns and your Second Amendment rights. 

Dettelbach has peddled the same “gun show loophole” lie pushed by Joe Biden during his first State of the Union Address. 

He has also falsely stated that background checks would not lead to a national gun registry – when, in fact, they already have!  

And, of course, Dettelbach uses the same deceptive language crafted by the anti-gun lobby such as “assault weapons.” 

Not only is such language intended to needlessly scare the public, but its vagueness also gives anti-gunners free rein to ban an ever-growing list of firearms. At some point, any firearm can be considered an “assault weapon.” 

But rest assured: Dettelbach’s confirmation is NOT a sure thing. 

Anti-gun PBS has already called Dettelbach’s confirmation an “uphill battle” for Biden.  

To take down Dettelbach, Gun Owners of America will fight just as hard as we did to torpedo Chipman. 

In fact, our hard work to defeat Chipman even got noticed by the anti-gunners over at NPR: 

The struggle to get a confirmed director on the books over the years has been due in large part to opposition from gun rights groups… 

That dynamic played out again this time… Gun Owners of America… blasted Chipmans nomination, calling him a threat to law-abiding gun owners.

 An integral part of our strategy was to mobilize grassroots voters like YOU to contact their Senators and urge them to VOTE NO on Chipman. 

 Now, we need to employ it once again to take down Dettelbach. 

 So please, add your name to our pre-written letter to pressure your two Senators to VOTE NO on Biden’s nominee for ATF director, Steve Dettelbach.