Anti-gun Left using TX tragedy to cower pro-gun Republicans

I’m sure that you saw the tragic news from yesterday.

We mourn the innocent Texans who were murdered by a horrifically evil person.

Sadly, we have already seen significant politicization of this tragedy for political gain by those on the Left—including most alarmingly, in fundraising emails where groups like Bloomberg’s Everytown are raising money right now to help them use the emotion of the moment to get gun control enacted. (See the accompanying image.)

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But that’s not all. Joe Biden made a national address last night, urging the country to “stand up to the gun lobby” and pass “common sense gun laws.”

Sadly, rather than bringing the nation together, Biden was about as unifying as a table saw. He spewed multiple lies from his mouth and attacked those who support our constitutional rights. For example:

1) Biden said mass shootings went down after his so-called “assault weapons” bill was enacted. But not only did his semi-auto ban fail to reduce mass shootings, such events actually INCREASED after his school zone gun ban was enacted.

That’s because killers actually seek out gun-free zones. We know this because 94% of mass shootings occur in areas (like schools) where good people are prevented from carrying for self-defense.

Gun control has never made Americans safer. Consider that Chicago already has seen over 40 persons shot and killed this month—and this is in a city that has some of the toughest gun control restrictions in the nation.

2) Biden claimed that other countries rarely see mass shootings take place.

But this was a lie, too, as only two of the worst 25 mass shootings on record have occurred in the United States. The other 23 occurred OUTSIDE of the country.

3) Biden also suggested that mass shootings occur with frequency in America. But in reality, one is more likely to be killed by a lighting strike than to be killed in a mass shooting.

There were more lies, but you get the point.

We must discuss real solutions to preventing this type of evil from striking again, for example, by arming willing teachers—which is a solution supported by 81% of police. No school that has armed teachers or staff has ever experienced a mass shooting.

We must also repeal the unconstitutional Gun Free School Zones Act which leaves our children vulnerable to criminals and our parents unarmed to defend them.

If our elected officials are important enough to receive armed protection, so too should our children.

Additionally, politicians who support the Second Amendment across the state and country are being made the subjects of unacceptable and vitriolic attacks.

As we saw after the Sandy Hook killings, pro-gun legislators were savaged by anti-gun politicians and media, and many of them started to buckle. That is, they started wilting and supporting gun control until they started hearing from GOA members.

The loud, unified voice of GOA members gave strength to wilting legislators, and this has been documented by the New York Times, The Washington Post, and many other media outlets.

That’s why I need you to take action and urge your Representative and Senators to not use this tragedy as an excuse to waver on their oath to uphold and protect the Constitution’s Second Amendment.

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer says he plans to bring up gun control soon. This could range from magazine and semi-auto bans, to Universal Background (Registration) Checks, and more.

Plus, we should also expect to see an attempt by Schumer to eliminate the filibuster, as that forces anti-gun Democrats to get 60 votes (rather than just 50).

So please take action by sending these pre-written letters. As always, you can edit the letters before you send them.

Finally, given that the Senate could force votes on gun control this week, please call your two Senators at 202-224-3121. Don’t assume that your Republican Senators are “safe.” They are coming under intense pressure and need to hear from you right away!

Thanks so much. And please continue to keep the families in Uvalde, Texas in your prayers.