Anti-Gunners Feel the Effects of Gun-Control and They’re Not Happy

Amidst the Corona-crisis, firearms retailers are experiencing a gigantic boost in gun and ammo sales. Gun owners are gathering ammo and purchasing additional firearms just in case the need should arise. All would seem to be well in the firearms community. Well, maybe not so much. There seems to be a group of people who are not so happy. It would seem, the very people who, just two months ago, were calling gun-owners in Virginia, “terrorists” or supporting California’s unconstitutional Red Flag Law have found themselves in a bit of a pickle.

Many among the anti-gun crowd are experiencing a dose of reality. They are realizing that in times of crisis, they might need to protect themselves and their families. As gun sales across the country skyrocket and fear builds around the idea and speculation of looting and other crimes that often happen in times of lack, the same folks who didn’t want you to have a gun, now want one of their own but their gun control efforts seemed to have backfired on them. Many former anti-gunners are now trying to purchase firearms but don’t like the ten-day waiting period they previously demanded. Oops.

Some reports are showing up to a 2.5 hour wait to get to the gun counter at Cabelas in Buda, Texas and a firearms retailer in Florida, reported a 4 hour wait at his store. Lines around the block at a California gun-shop were reported and many retailers are saying the majority of wanna-be gun owners are first time purchasers.

In true liberal fashion, Bill Maher did his best to denounce the uptick in gun sales when he said, “You know what’s up? All the businesses are closed in America, except gun sales,” “So American.” Maher, then went on to say (in a sarcastic southern accent) “I’ll shoot the virus!’” “Get off my porch, you f—ing virus, or I’ll blow your … what do you got in there? I’ll blow it out!”

Maher’s behavior shows his inherent disdain for gun-owners in what appears to be an attempt at keeping his liberal fan-base on board with the anti-conservative message he pushes. Maybe he didn’t realize that some of the people he mocked may be sitting in his audience.

Firearms retailers are saying they are getting inundated with calls from liberal states and being asked if guns can be purchased online and shipped directly to their homes. The answer from gun shops is a resounding “NO.” The truth is being exposed. Politics Have driven the gun debate on the left and the idea that those very people pushing for gun control now want less gun control because they realize they have put themselves in a dangerous position, tells us that their political hypocrisy is finally coming back to bite them.

What does this say about how people in America really think about guns? It tells us that although the anti-gun crowd pushes a political agenda to ban guns, they are also very much aware of the value guns bring in the way of self-defense. In times of crisis, it becomes apparent that government may not be there to protect you from criminals. It would also seem that the anti-gun, democratic-socialist, Utopian bubble some have been living in has finally popped.

Dan Wos

The 2nd Amendment is not a privilege. It’s your right.