I Need You to Call These Two Guys … Immediately

Urge Your Two Senators to Support the Pro-Gun Rand Paul Amendment

Please use the Talking Points below to call your U.S. Senators at (202) 224-3121. Urge them to: 1) Vote to repeal the anti-gun ObamaCare law; and failing that, 2) Vote FOR the pro-gun Paul amendment (Senate Amendment #279), which would address the gun-related problems with ObamaCare.


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Paul’s Office Tells GOA the Senator is “Locked and Loaded” for Battle Over Anti-Gun ObamaCare

If anyone tells you they know what’s going on with ObamaCare repeal, they’re lying.

The Senate is smack in the middle of a discombobulated mess.  And no one knows for sure what’s going to happen.

But this we do know: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell would like to replace ObamaCare with something very similar to ObamaCare. 

And votes are expected to commence very soon — even within the next 24 hours.

McConnell’s “fat bill” would keep the subsidies, keep the entitlements, keep the mandates (although in a slightly different form) — and keep the anti-gun aspects of ObamaCare.

But if ObamaCare is going to be turned into “ObamaCare Lite,” it’s essential that three gun issues be addressed. 

And it’s essential that the amendment that has been filed by Kentucky’s pro-gun Republican Senator, Rand Paul — an amendment which would address these three issues — be adopted.

This is not to be confused with Sen. Paul’s bill to fully repeal Obamacare, which was voted down on Wednesday with six flip-flopping Republicans voting against that measure. 

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It has been a pleasure to work with Senator Paul’s office in crafting this pro-gun amendment. Here’s what it would do.

First, it would guarantee that insurance companies continue to be barred from asking about gun ownership, discriminating on the basis of gun ownership, and even denying insurance to gun owners.

Second, it would ensure that doctors are not forced to enter gun ownership data into a national health database, AS OBAMA TRIED TO MAKE THEM DO.

Third, it prohibits the ATF from trolling the national health database (or other databases) for people with PTSD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, or other conditions (such as anxiety or depression) — for the purpose of sending their names to the national instant check system (NICS).

So it is critical that the Paul amendment, which deals with these three issues, is adopted.  Otherwise, GOA will oppose McConnell’s “fat bill.”

Now that the “fat bill” has failed, as was expected, McConnell may try a total repeal of the anti-gun ObamaCare law or a “skinny” repeal of the mandates.

GOA would support either of these measures unconditionally, because without the anti-gun ObamaCare law in place — or without its mandates — the gun-related problems would no longer be a threat to gun-owning Americans.

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So, to cut through the fog, please call your Senators at (202) 224-3121.

Please tell them two things: 

(1) First, vote FOR the Paul amendment (Senate Amendment #279), which would address gun-related aspects of ObamaCare. 

(2) Repeal the anti-gun ObamaCare law now, even if the repeal timetable is phased in to allow Congress to concoct an alternative.

I have included some Talking Points for you below.

Thank you for your activism.

Larry Pratt
Executive Director Emeritus

P.S. Please communicate the Talking Points below with your two U.S. Senators by calling them at (202) 224-3121.

Talking Points for U.S. Senators

(1) Support the Paul amendment (Sen. Amd. #279), which would prohibit insurance companies from asking about gun ownership or discriminating against gun owners.

(2) Support the Paul amendment (Sen. Amd. #279), which would prohibit the government from forcing doctors to enter gun information into a federal database.

(3) Support the Paul amendment (Sen. Amd. #279), which would prohibit the ATF from trolling the national health database for names of people with PTSD, ADHD, Alzheimers, etc. — for the purpose of sending their names to the national gun-ban list (which is essentially what has happened to more than 257,000 military veterans).

(4) If they can totally repeal ObamaCare now — and replace later — that would be a pro-gun outcome.