Urge Governor Bullock to Sign Permitless Carry into Law!


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to urge Governor Steve Bullock to sign permitless carry (HB 262) into law.  Anyone who legally open carries should not have to go to jail for putting their coat on when it’s cold outside!

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Urge Governor Bullock to Sign Permitless Carry into Law!

Dear Friend:

Thank you so much for taking action on permitless carry!

Your hard work has paid off.  

And now, I need you to contact Governor Steve Bullock right away.

At issue is whether Gov. Bullock will continue to deny you and other law-abiding Montanans the full protection of the Second Amendment!

But first, the good news from this week.

The Montana Senate approved HB 262, which would establish permitless carry throughout the entire state.

This means that permitless carry bill will soon be on its way to Governor Bullock.

Under HB 262, Montanans will no longer be required to get the government’s permission to exercise their Second Amendment rights to carry a concealed firearm to protect themselves and their families. 

HB 262 will eliminate the “city limits” exception to the state’s permitless carry law, thus enabling persons who are 21-years old or more to carry concealed handguns throughout the state -- including within city limits -- without obtaining licenses from the state to carry concealed handguns.   

As it stands now, permitless carry is already legal outside of city limits.  And open carry is legal throughout the entire state.

So if you are open carrying, why should you be forced to ask the government for permission to put your coat on?

This makes NO SENSE at all!

When Governor Bullock vetoed permitless carry two years ago, he claimed that the bill “would effectively eliminate Montana's concealed weapon permitting process.”

But this was a total lie!

And that’s why I need you to help me call out Gov. Bullock on his lies, in case he tries to make the same assertions about HB 262.

I think that Gary Marbut, the President of the Montana Shooting Sports Association, put it well: “HB 262 will leave the permitting system entirely in place and untouched, so HB 262 would have zero effect on reciprocity or Brady buys.”

Remember, permitless carry is already the law in 99.4% of the state.  So why should Montanans who live in urban areas be treated as second class citizens?Are they less trustworthy than those who live in the country?

Let’s hammer Gov. Bullock with answers to his lies in order to shame him from repeating them once again.

So again, please contact Gov. Bullock and demand that he sign HB 262 into law.

Thank you for your activism!

In Liberty,

Erich Pratt
Executive Director

P.S. Urge Governor Steve Bullock to sign permitless carry (HB 262) into law.  With open carry legal throughout the state, you should not have to go to jail for putting your coat on when it’s cold outside!

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