AL: Constitutional Carry Faces Historic Challenge

Speak Up to Reject a Weakening Amendment in HB 272! 

Due to the activism of gun owners like you, the Alabama House’s Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee passed the Constitutional Carry bill, HB 272.

This is a historic first step in Alabama, as Constitutional Carry has never passed out of any House committee in the Yellowhammer State.

However, weak-kneed lawmakers recommended an amendment to HB 272 which would create a “duty to inform” law enforcement that one is carrying a firearm.

Law enforcement officers are trained to assume that everyone is armed during a traffic stop, so this amendment is, at best, unnecessary.

In reality, this amendment is a “solution in search of a problem,” and only serves to weaken Constitutional Carry.

Thankfully, this amendment could be rejected when HB 272 is heard before the entire House.

So please urge your Representative to support a clean Constitutional Carry bill — free of weakening amendments such as the duty to inform!

Historically, the House of Representatives has been Constitutional Carry’s biggest hurdle in Alabama. Should a clean HB 272 pass the House, the Senate will likely put the bill on the governor’s desk quickly.

Therefore, what you do right now may determine the passage of Constitutional Carry in Alabama.

Please speak up!