GOA In The Trenches

— Highlighting Records of Pro-gun Congressmen

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

GOA representatives are traveling coast-to-coast to discuss the differences between candidates running for office.

GOA’s Political Victory Fund has already issued scores of alerts, endorsements and contributions in important elections that will take place next week.

GOA representatives are appearing at press conferences or rallies in several states.  While the following are just the tip of the iceberg, they represent the type of work that GOA is doing:

Arizona, Dist. 1 — Paul Gosar (A rated) vs. Ann Kirkpatrick (C rated)

Colorado, Dist. 3 — Scott Tipton (A rated) vs. John Salazar (D rated)

* Florida, Dist. 2 — Steve Southerland (A- rated) vs. Allen Boyd (D rated)

Georgia, Dist. 2 — Mike Keown (A- rated) vs. Sanford Bishop (C- rated)

Michigan, Dist. 7 — Tim Walberg (A rated) vs. Mark Schauer (D rated)

* Minnesota, Dist. 8 — Chip Cravaack (A rated) vs. Jim Oberstar (D rated)

* Missouri, Dist. 4 — Vicky Hartzler (A rated) vs. Ike Skelton (C rated)

* New Mexico, Dist. 1 — Jon Barela (A rated) vs. Martin Heinrich (D rated)
New Mexico, Dist. 2 — Steve Pearce (A rated) vs. Harry Teague (C rated)
New Mexico, Dist. 3 — Tom Mullins (A rated) vs. Ben Ray Lujan (F rated)

Pennsylvania, Dist. 11 — Lou Barletta (A rated) vs. Paul Kanjorski (D rated)
Pennsylvania, Dist. 12 — Tim Burns (A rated) vs. Mark Critz (NR)

* Virginia, Dist. 9 — Morgan Griffith (A rated) vs. Rick Boucher (C rated)

Washington, Dist. 2 — John Koster (A rated) vs. Rick Larsen (F rated)

Many of the above races involve Blue Dog Democrats who are trying to portray themselves as solid defenders of the Second Amendment, but their current grades seem to reveal they are nothing more than Pelosi puppets.

You can go to this link to see a bigger list of Blue Dogs who have been working to prop up Pelosi.

The GOA representatives who will be traveling this week include Vice-Chairman Tim Macy, Executive Director Larry Pratt, Director of Federal Affairs John Velleco, and Director of Communications Erich Pratt.