The Push to Expose ATF’s Gunrunner Cover-up Continues


We need to demand spending cuts right now. And cutting anti-gun ObamaCare and Project Gunrunner would be two good places to start.

Leaders from Gun Owners of America attended a congressional hearing yesterday where Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA) laid the groundwork for what could, ultimately, send several federal agents to jail.

Rep. Issa, who has been investigating the scandal known as Project Gunrunner, questioned a panel of witnesses with experience in investigating corruption in the Executive Branch. 

The question of the day was:  Does the Justice Department have to respond to subpoenas relating to Project Gunrunner — a scandal which involves corruption in the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)? 

So far, the Department of Justice has sat on many crucial documents that have been subpoenaed by Congressman Issa. 

But, to a man, each one of the witnesses on this star-studded panel — many of them former Democrat operatives — all told Rep. Issa that (short of some unforeseen circumstance) the Obama Administration SHOULD COMPLY with the subpoenas and give Congress the documents it is requesting (but which are currently being withheld).

Last week, GOA once again called upon the Congress to cut funding for a program that allows the Obama Administration to put guns into the hands of suspected gun smugglers, and then to turn around and blame law-abiding gun owners for the problem! 

Battle heating up over anti-gun ObamaCare

In other efforts to cut anti-gun spending, the battle to repeal ObamaCare is still being waged.  But recent news over budget battles in Congress are somewhat distressing.

If Congressional Quarterly is correct, gun owners are going to be disappointed with a deal that is being hammered out right now on Capitol Hill.  In exchange for raising the debt ceiling, said CQ last week, politicians are promising that many spending cuts will not occur until “the next decade or longer.”

This is a real problem.  As pointed out by last week, it will be “difficult, if not impossible, for Congress to enforce these promised cuts on a future Congress.”

That means we would get increased spending (for things like anti-gun ObamaCare) with a promise of cuts in the future that will almost certainly never occur.

We need to let our Congressmen know that a vote to raise the debt ceiling WITHOUT voting to cut ObamaCare NOW is an anti-gun vote.  Don’t let them sell you on the phony promise that they will get spending cuts 20 years down the road.  Those cuts will never materialize!

According to RedState last week:  “Members of the Tea Party and the conservative movement need to be prepared for some serious disappointment if news reports are correct.”

Why?  Because in exchange for raising the debt ceiling, politicians are promising future cuts to spending which will occur so far in the future that “many of these politicians cutting the deal will be long gone from Washington, DC.”

That’s why we need to demand spending cuts right now.  And cutting anti-gun ObamaCare and Project Gunrunner would be two good places to start.

ACTION:  Please urge your Representative to vote NO on raising the debt ceiling unless there are REAL CUTS to defund ObamaCare and Project Gunrunner that will take place immediately.

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